“It’s annoying to see competitors compete like Upkar”

“It’s annoying to see competitors compete like Upkar”

Read here what Arshi Khan had to say about Bigg Boss 15 (Photo Credit: Instagram & auditiondetails)

Bigg Boss 15, or as it will be called this season – Bigg Boss OTT, which follows the same format as in the previous fourteen seasons. As the new name suggests, the controversial reality show will spend the first six weeks in OTT before gradually switching to television. The latest contestant to share his opinion on this new format is Arshi Khan.

Arshi Bigg Boss was part of the 11 team and eventually ended up being the challenge for the Bigg Boss who appeared as the 14th challenge. Read all that said below.

Talking about the new format, Bigg Boss 15 will continue, Arshi Khan told Spotboy: “I read about the new format and found it very interesting. But if it were to spread during Lockdown, awam ko bahut Maza aata (People would like it) “As with the unlock, people are willing to go back to work, so they’ll get less time. Still, for the passionate fans, they’ll somehow make time for the show. My brother and dad, who are great fans of the show, are already excited.”

Speaking about Bigg Boss and the people involved because they didn’t keep their promises made before they entered, Khan reasoned that this could be why the makers opted for the new format. Arshi Khan said, “I understand that managers have to do this because people come into the house with a lot of promise and desire. But once they get in, they are so boring. Remember last season, how the managers invited us to enjoy it.”

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Arshi Khan continued, “Competitors need to understand and value the platform. A lot of people are dying to get into the show. They approach me about how to get in; people don’t post messages on social media and keep asking, even celebrities. to watch when Bigg Boss plays the upkar (favorite) show as if he should play them the way he should. “

According to previous reports, Bigg Boss 15 will be broadcast on Voot and will include the “janta” factor. This new format will give viewers the power of “Bigg Boss OTT” for competitors and for competitors to stay, perform tasks, and exit the show manually.

What do you think about the new Bigg Boss 15 format and Arshi Khan’s reasoning?

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