It’s working on devices that play Xbox games, without having to wait for consoles

It’s working on devices that play Xbox games, without having to wait for consoles

Game consoles like Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Series S are scarce to hold a bag of players on the market for a while. But that can soon change when Microsoft works with devices to play games. This means that soon you won’t have to worry about the console at all, you’ll just need a controller. Microsoft has revealed some important details about the Xbox and its Gaming service, including that they are working on gaming devices and plan to port Xbox Games to smart TVs.

Microsoft has announced that they are working with global TV manufacturers to put the Xbox experience on smart TVs, so instead of owning a console, you’ll just need a controller to play the games you want. The company has confirmed that they are also working on streaming devices for cloud gaming to reach more users via a TV or monitor. So basically, you can get the Xbox experience by connecting to the video input portal on your screen. Considering that they are working on “devices,” we expect more than one device to support the Xbox streaming experience.

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Microsoft has also mentioned that the Game service will be launched in more countries like Japan, Australia, Brazil and Mexico later this year and that there are also plans to introduce new subscription plans. The Xbox Game Pass will get significant upgrades, such as improved load times, frame rates, and more. Microsoft has been updating its data centers worldwide with the Xbox Series X.

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There are also plans to add cloud games to the Xbox app on your computer. This should allow you to try out new games before downloading. In a few weeks, cloud games in the browser will reach all Game Pass Ultimate subscribers and users will be able to play in Safari, Edge and Chrome. Game Pass will see these new games more often, and Microsoft has said its goal is to release a new first-class game at least every three months into Game Pass. The company will announce some new titles on June 13 in the Xbox and Bethesda Games showcase.


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