Jacqueline Fernandez said ‘Vikrant Rona’ will stand out all over the world

Jacqueline Fernandez said ‘Vikrant Rona’ will stand out all over the world

Jacqueline Fernandez said ‘Vikrant Rona’ will stand out worldwide

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez says that being part of Kannada star Kichcha Sudeepa’s multilingual film ‘Vikrant Rona’ is an exciting opportunity and she hopes this film will revive the spirit of the Theaters. Kiccha Sudeep recently thanked the actor for an important song for the film. Jacqueline recently recorded a song for the film. Kichcha Sudeepa gave fans a look at Jacqueline’s dance moves on a film track. However, managers retain details of their role.

Jacqueline commented on joining the high-budget film: “‘Vikrant Rona’ is an ambitious film that aims to tell an Indian story that will stand out in the big world. I’m glad to have signed on to an action adventure. That’s being anticipated so big. I’m really happy and I hope it will be a film that revives the spirit of film theater. “

Earlier this year, Kichcha Sudeepa revealed the title of the film to Burj Khalifa, who also turned 25 in filmmaking. The director of the film, Anup Bhandari, recommends that Jacqueline create great audiovisuals to participate in the film.

“Having Jacqueline on board adds another key dimension to the story of ‘Vikrant Rona’, the new hero of the world. We welcome the team. We are creating a great curiosity for the audience and we are happy to have the connectivity to have the stars.”

"It had the zero air of a star"
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Adding to this, producer Jack Manjunath says: “I am delighted to have Jacqueline joined the ‘Vikrant Rona’ group. It proves that her set of works attracts the crowd. Although not much has been revealed about her role at the moment, I Promise You that will push the turn. “

Meanwhile, Jacqueline’s popularity in the South is high, of course, as this collaboration marks the second outing for a dance number in a film directed by a Southern star. The last hour they saw Prabhas starring in Saaho’s “Bad Boy” track, when he turned his head a lot, he received a lot of praise for his dancing skills.

The film is a Multilingual Action-Adventure, and will see its 3D premiere in 14 languages ​​and 55 countries. In addition to Kichcha Sudeepa and Jacqueline, the film also features Nirup Bhandari and Neetha Ashok.

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