Jeff Bezos took Blue Origin to the starting point in this electric SUV from Tesla Rival

Jeff Bezos took Blue Origin to the starting point in this electric SUV from Tesla Rival

Jeff Bezos joined Richard Branson as he went into space as the second billionaire in the world. On July 20, Bezos set off to the launch site of the Blue Origin spacecraft in an electric SUV that his company has truly invested in.

Rivian, a U.S. electric vehicle manufacturer, has given Bezosi its R1S electric SUV to use as a shuttle for founder Amazon. In a video shared by Blue Origin, Bezos and his fellow astronauts head to the site to get into and launch the electric vehicle.

Jeff Bezos, brother Mark Bezos, Wally Funk and Oliver Daemen, the youngest in the space, were spotted at the launch site with the R1S SUV, one of the models that Rivian will produce this year.

Equipped with four electric motors and a 180 kilowatt-hour battery, the Rivian R1S can produce 800 horsepower and offers a range of 643 km per charge. The SUV can sprint to zero and 100 kmph in about 3 seconds.

Rivian wants to take Tesla’s home field as a challenge to EV space with its electric SUVs and pickup trucks. Its electric R1S SUV, which Bezos used as a shuttle carrier, is the second production vehicle of the U.S. electric car manufacturer.

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Using the Rivian R1S electric SUV as a shuttle car, Bezos and Rivian made a statement, and many see Elon Musk as the right answer last year by offering Tesla Model X electric cars as astrovans for the SpaceX crew mission.

The Rivian R1S electric SUV is in direct competition with the Model X and will soon be launched in US markets. The seven-seater R1S electric SUV will be the second full-length three-row electric SUV in the U.S. market after the Tesla Model X.

Last week, Rivian announced the production of the R1S electric SUV along with the R1T electric pickup truck, which has been delayed for some time. However, he expects the R1S SUVs to come out by the end of the year. When launched, the price of the Rivian R1S will probably be more attractive than the Tesla Model X.


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