Justin Bieber’s Tour Bus is more prosperous than most of our homes! Sauna, bedroom and sneaker wardrobe – sounds like a dream, right?

Justin Bieber’s Tour Bus is more prosperous than most of our homes! Sauna, bedroom and sneaker closet – sounds like a dream, right? View (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Justin Bieber is one of the most famous characters in the world. Thanks to his successful music career, the pop singer has a crazy following on social media with more than 183 million followers on Instagram. Justin will soon start touring and let’s see a tourist bus with a sauna, bedroom and sneaker closet. It looks like a dream bus, right?

The video is shared by GQ on the YouTube channel and fans are looking for their bus equipment.

Justin Bieber’s tour bus is lavish and screams luxury at its best. The spacious space is large enough to live in and has a sauna, bedroom, workplace and sneaker closet. Hey, there are a lot of things on the bus!

The baby singer also showed off her favorite artwork from the movie “Cash Only,” on the bus, along with a photo of her wife Hailey Bieber with her dog Oscar.

And as Justin Bieber walks into a huge space, he says, “And here’s my bedroom. I will sleep here when I am on the road while traveling. “

The singer visited her bathroom and sauna at the back of the bus. Revealing his favorite part of the bus, Justin said ‘lounging area with a folding sofa’. “The bad thing about this bus is that it’s on tour with me; the group comes here, the Dancers and the group; it’s a good space, ”Bieber said.

Watch the full video here:

And while you’re watching Justin Bieber give us his bus ride, read the comments in the video below as well. Fans are gaga over his maturity and positivity.

What do you think of Justin’s tour bus? Tell us in the comments below.

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