Kajol and Yug’s son are ‘disguised bandits’ in the last photo.  See image

Kajol and Yug’s son are ‘disguised bandits’ in the last photo. See image

Actor Kajol took to Instagram and shared the photo with his son Yug. In the picture, they both wear masks. He put the title of the photo, “The Masked Bandits!” They found this selfie with great love from their fans as they are always looking forward to the Instagram posts of their lives. Saba Pataudi responded heartily to the photo.

Last year, on Instagram’s Ask Me Anything session, Kajoli was asked who she loved more. He replied, “My daughter is my heart and my son is my lungs.” He also described “Heera aur moti (diamond and pearl)” and said Yug is “entertaining”. He also added that during the Lockdown period he had many discussions with his children.

“What’s that,” he said, “what should we ask if we didn’t fight?” He said. Asked if Nysa’s daughter would also join Bollywood, Kajol replied, “Pass the twelfth now.”

Kajol’s messages are often a source of entertainment for his followers. On World Bike Day, Kuch Kuch shared a video of the hit film Hota Hai when he fell off a bike ride. His dear friend and filmmaker Karan Johar replied, “Oh god! I remember this so clearly! And can’t forget what happened next! ”Designer Manish Malhotra commented on the message,” Kajol, I remember this !! ” We all ran to you. Every song you dropped was a huge hit. “

Kajol Renuka was last seen in the Netflix film Tribhanga directed by Shahane.

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