Kamaal R Khan responds to instructions given by Govinda to assist in the legal fight against Salman Khan

Kamaal R Khan responds to instructions given by Govinda to assist in the legal fight against Salman Khan

Kamaal R Khan responded by clarifying that Govinda had assisted him in the legal fight against Salman Khan

Kamaal R Khan aka KRK has become a film critic in the Headlines after Bollywood superstar Salman Khan filed a defamation suit against him. The actor has been actively spreading his opinion on the legal struggle on social media. In her latest tweets, KRK thanked Govinda for her support and this caused a stir as the fans assumed that Govinda was the actor she was talking to. Since Govinda and Salman Khan are good friends, it was amazing that Hero No. An actor helps him.

When he gave instructions, Govinda said: “I have read some media about me in support of the KRK. I have not been in contact with the KRK for many years, no meetings, no phone calls and no messages. It could be another person of the same name. Actually, self -criticism wrote and wrote inappropriate statements about me and my films in the past “

Now, the KRK has reacted the same way and clarified that he was talking about his friend Govinda and not the actor. He tweeted, “Please note Mr. Govind Arun Ahuja @ govindaahuja21, I didn’t tag you because I wasn’t talking about you. I was talking about my friend, whose real name is Govinda. So I can’t help the media make news about you.”

In another tweet, they added: “Main Toh @AnilKapoor Ko Bhi Bhai Bolta Hoon! @Riteishd Aur @juniorbachchan Ko Bhi Bhai Bolta Hoon! @Vivekoberoi and @duttsanjay Ko Bhi Bhai Hi Bolta Hoon!

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@iamsrk aur @iHrithik Ko Bhi Bhai Hi Bolta Hun. Pata Nahi Ye media Wale sea Tweets Ka Galat Matlab Kyon Nikalte Rahte Hain. “

Adding to the misunderstanding, superstar Govinda said: “I don’t know in depth the exact issues between Salman and KRK, but my name has been dragged into the lawsuit. A similar attempt was made by another film critic Komal Nahata. My name is Kartik Aaryan a couple of films in a number about loss. The two attempts seem like the agenda of a smart mindset between the unprecedented Pandemic times. “

Speaking about KRK’s tweet, he says, “Govinda Bhai thank you for your love and support. I will not disappoint you.”

For starters, Salman filed a Defamation Case against KRK after the release of his new film “Radhe”. Although the KRK claimed that the lawsuit was the result of a review of the film, Salman’s legal team has stated that the Defamation case is in the case of personal assaults, particularly about the KRK star Human NGO, for being Human.

According to Salman’s legal team, the lawsuit against KRK was filed because the latter “publishes and admits harmful allegations, including that Mr. Salman Khan is corrupt because he and his” Being a Man “brand are involved in fraud, manipulation and money. He and Salman Whitewashing fraudulent transactions by Khan Films “.


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