Kavita Kaushik joked about her age with the right answer to the troll: Is it a sin to grow old?

Kavita Kaushik joked about her age with the right answer to the troll: Is it a sin to grow old?

Kavita Kaushik joked about her age in response to a troll

TV actress Kavita Kaushik is not someone who belittles her words. The actor has always been open about his opinions and does not bow to trolls. He returned to The Limelight after appearing on the controversial 14th reality show Bigg Boss, which received good and bad publicity for his behavior at home. On Friday, Kavita shared a selfie without makeup on social media and was trolled for showing off her white hair.

A Twitter user reacted to his message, saying “Budhi ghodi laal lagaam” with Laughing emojis. Giving the right answer to this troll, Kavita said, “Bhaiya reputation toh koi laal lagaam want lagaai, make up bhi want kiya, thoda lipbalm hai bass, steam budha toh Aapka baap bhi hoga, MA bhi Hogi toh kya kare? Umar badhna Paap hai kya? Ye taaleem Doge iss dp ki bacchi ko ki ‘beta 40 ke baad tera jeena bekar hai’ (I haven’t used a red leash. I just used a lip balm, I didn’t use makeup by the way, your parents have to be old too, what should we do? Is it a sin to grow old in this country? Do you want to teach this child in your profile picture that after 40 years his life is useless “?

It’s not the first time Kavita has thrown trolls at him for derogatory comments. He also tagged Mumbai Police in some earlier tweets asking for action. Taking to Twitter, Kavita said, “@PanchalNandita this guy is misusing freedom on social media. Please take action! @MumbaiPolice.” He tweeted “Call them! Reveal them!”.

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The user left Kavita Kaushi happy for the girl’s forgiveness and Forgiveness. He tweeted, “Maa maaf kar do mujhse galti ho gayi, mai ek ladki hu plz maaf kar do. Mummy mom bahut gareeb log h plz maaf Kardo.” Another Twitter user also asked Kavita to apologize for being a school troll student. However, he said: “Aaj Nahi Dara toh kal bisi choti bacchi ko galali dega, parson Bada ho ke apne aas paas ki ladkiyon ke Liye khatra Banega! Aaj Nahi Dara toh kal Badi badtameezi karega! The next day they will become a threat to the girls around. If he is not afraid today, he will do something worse tomorrow.) “

Kavita Kaushi was spotted on Bigg Boss 14 in December last year and sparked a Storm on the Internet for her controversial appearance. The actress along with her husband Ronnit blocked the horns with Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik after entering the past in Limelight. At a time when there was tension in the house, Kavita’s husband Ronnit sent out tweets saying that Abhinave had a drinking problem and that he had been sending Kavita drunk texts in the past.

In fact, there was an episode where Abhinav and Rubina confronted Kavita and Ronnit over claims over the weekend with Ka Vaar Episode Salman Khan. Throughout the confrontation, Abhinave did not refuse to send messages to Kavita, but complained that the content of the messages was violent in nature.


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