Kolkata got its first insertion center today

Kolkata got its first insertion center today

Kolkata is ready to get its first insertion center. The center will begin incorporating people from Friday, following an announcement a few days ago.

The drive-in insertion center is located in Quest Mall, located on Syed Amir Ali Avenue in the Beck Bagan Park Park Circus area. The shopping center is spread over approximately 700,000 square meters and has a parking capacity of about 1,300 vehicles.

The initiative has been taken by the civic organization of the city’s Kolkata Municipal Corporation. To get the rumors out of this facility, Kolkata residents over the age of 45 must book their Slots via the Civic body’s WhatsApp bot. Today’s slot reservations began on Thursday, an official from the State E-Government Mission Group (SeMT) said.

Reservations can be made by sending an e-mail to 83359 99000 WhatsApp. According to SeMT officials, pre-registration on the CoWIN Portal is mandatory for booking via WhatsApp.

Unlike most other cities, this driving vaccination center will not allow them to enter two- or three-wheeled premises. He stated that only four-wheelers will not be allowed more than four occupants at the center.

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Car details must also be shared to get a slot reserved at this drive-in insertion center. No changes will be accepted to the details of the vehicle after booking.

Once the slots have been reserved, vehicles will be allowed to enter the premises half an hour before the scheduled time of vaccination. Vehicles will not be allowed to enter if no one loses ownership time.

Vaccine centers have become one of the most popular ways to get Covid-19 owners in addition to hospitals. The initiative was taken by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) in Mumbai last month. Later, similar movements began in Delhi, Nagpur, Indore, Panchkula, Gurugram.

These vaccination centers allow people to wait inside their vehicles while receiving their blows. It helps to completely eliminate the possibility of queuing to avoid crowds and maintains the Covid-19 Protocol. People are also required to sit in the comfort of their cars during the mandatory 30-minute observation period after being vaccinated.


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