Komaki Electric Vehicle has launched an online booking platform

Komaki Electric Vehicle has launched an online booking platform

Komaki Electric Vehicle has introduced an online booking platform for customers who do not want to leave their home to purchase a Komaki electric vehicle.

The company says its online booking platform offers a simple two-step process. Customers must specify the vehicle and mileage they want before booking the vehicle. Once the online reservation has been made, the order will be taken to the nearest Komaki store, where the customer can use the after-sales service.

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Talking about the latest expansion of the online booking function, ladies. Gunjan Malhotra, director of Komaki Electric Division, said: “Our order has not gone down despite the pandemic. We are receiving more booking requests than ever before. That’s why we plan to introduce an online booking feature. Things will be easier and more convenient for our customers. “.

The company recently announced that the decision to launch its online booking portal has been taken in light of India’s “ever-increasing demand for electronic vehicles”. According to Komaki, several factors have contributed to the increase in demand for electric vehicles, including the Delhi government’s initiative to install 10,000 charging stations in the international capital by the end of 2021.

Ashok Leyland expects the plants to be up and running by June 10
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The electric vehicle manufacturer added that it has managed to sell more than 2,100 vehicles in April 2021 alone. Meanwhile, EV Maker has also launched a new lithium-ion battery pack with a promising range of 220 km. The battery is developed at home. It will be on its three electric scooters, including the Komaki XGT-KM, X-One and XGT-X4. (More details here)


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