KRK in response to Kangana Ranaut’s comments on Raj Kundra’s arrest: “Kangana Ki Kya Majboori Hai Is Gutter Me Rehne Ki?”

KRK targets Kangana Ranaut, asking her to leave Bollywood (photo: Instagram)

KRK can’t leave a day without tweeting. From Salman Khan to CarryMinati and Saloniyaapa, there was no publicity! His ultimate goal is Bollywood in the Raj Kundra row and Kangana Ranaut’s opinion is the same. Read Kamaal R Khan’s latest tweet set.

For the uninitiated, Kangana reacted yesterday when he arrested Raj Kundra and wrote in his Instagram story: “That’s why I call filmmaking a splash … all this glitter is not gold, I’ll explain the belly of the Bull in my next production Tiku marries Sheru … We need a strong value system and awareness in the creative industry and, of course, the whip ”

In response to a message shared by Kangana Ranaut, KRK wrote this tweet: “I have no problem if #KanganaRanaut calls Bollywood a cane. But I want to ask him what he does on that channel? Manali should live in his beautiful canal city. instead. Aakhir Kangana Ki Kaya shark majboori, Iss Gutter Rahne Ki chief? “

This is not the first time the KRK has performed in Kangana Ranaut. He had also previously proposed that the actor leave showbiz.

Not only that, Kamaal R Khan even now mocked Bollywood for the controversy he has repeatedly caused. In another tweet, they wrote: “Waise Apna Bollywood bhi hai Zabardast! Duniya Ki Kaunsi Burai Hai Jo Yahan Nahi Hai! Pornography, drugs, Sharab, Hawala, rape, Murder, wagairah Wagairah Sabhi Se सुसज्जित है! ”

Raj Kundra was also embarrassed in an indirect tweet, saying that he is the worst person if he runs his family by making p * rn Films.

Meanwhile, Raj Kundra has been sent to judicial custody for alleged involvement in the creation and publication of p * rn videos. Police are still investigating the entire case.

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