KRK praises Vive Oberoi ‘bhai’ for calling Bollywood over Sushant Singh Rajput’s death: “Pure truth”

KRK praises Vive Oberoi ‘bhai’ for calling Bollywood over Sushant Singh Rajput’s death: “Pure truth”

KRK has praised Vive Oberoi for ‘bhai’ for calling him Bollywood

Kamaal R Khan aka KRK became a film critic The actor praised Oberoi on Tuesday for saying “truth” in an interview. As Sushant Singh was talking about the disappearance of Rajput’s inadequacies, Vive Oberoi said he felt the film industry was “incapable of taking criticism”. In a recent interview with the Hindustan Times newspaper, the actor spoke of his “hesitation to accept cracks and mistakes”. In the face of this, KRK took to Twitter and turned to Vivek for his excellent conversation and said it was pure truth.

Addressing actor Krrish 3 as Bhai, KRK wrote: “Bhai @vivekoberoi your interview is a great and pure truth. Keep it up!”

In the interview, Vivek said: “We have our good side, but we refuse to acknowledge our bad side. In order for any person, industry or fraternity to get it, we need to know ke hum mein kitni khamiyan so (we also have few obstacles), our mistakes and industry wrongs “.

“But we have a bit of an ostrich syndrome. Because we don’t accept that the Hamari industry is mein Kuch gadbad hai (something is wrong with our industry),” he added.

Regarding Sushant’s death, Vivek said, “Back then, no one really and truly wanted to acknowledge that there was something wrong systematically (in the industry), and ke wanted to write about twenty incidents (a single incident).”

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In another tweet, KRK asked them to approach and talk to “Bollywood Wala friends”. “Dear friends, talk if you are fed up with Bollywood Wala, the bhaigir of Bollywood. Please talk without fear. It’s just fear, otherwise no one can harm your career. Jiske Apne career Ke Laale Pade Hain, Woh Apka Career Kaise Damage Kar Damage Yaar ( one’s career has lost hope, how it will harm your career), ”they wrote.

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For starters, Salman filed a Defamation Case against KRK after the release of his new film “Radhe”. Although the KRK claimed that the lawsuit was the result of a review of the film, Salman’s legal team has stated that the Defamation case is in the case of personal assaults, particularly about the KRK star Human NGO, for being Human.

According to Salman’s legal team, the lawsuit against KRK was filed because the latter “publishes and admits harmful allegations, including that Mr. Salman Khan is corrupt because he and his“ Being Human ”brand are involved in fraud, manipulation and money. He and Salman Whitewashing fraudulent transactions by Khan Films “.

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