KRK reported divorce after Aamir Khan’s reaction to Kiran Rao was “Aaj Ke Din Me 100 Crore Ki Free Publicity Mil Gayi”

KRK claims Aamir Khan for divorce announcement with Kiran Rao as Laal Singh Chaddha’s announcement (Photo Credit – Instagram)

It seems that Kamaal R Khan is unstoppable in divorcing Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan. Since the couple made the announcement, self-proclaimed critics have shared multiple opinions about him. The latest claim made by the KRK mentions that it was planned in advance and that the actor Laal Singh Chaddha intends to remarry. Read all the details.

Kamaal says in his video that both Kiran and Aamir Kargilen were busy filming Laal Singh Chaddha when the statement was released. They asked the PR houses to ask the media houses to release only positive stories. An ultimatum was also issued that those who disobey will not receive superstar interviews in the future.

In addition, the KRK is aware of the divorce between Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao before announcing the divorce. Kamaal R Khan says in a recent video: “Aamir ne Kiran se Kaha hoga, yaar Kiran, chalo aaj Elan kar dete hai apne talaak ka. Baby yaar, kar dete hai na yaar, life me bohot bore ho Gaya hu yaar. Pichle 5 hall se taiyaari kar raha hoon mai (Aamir must tell Kirani to announce. Baby, let’s do it the way I’m bored. I’ve been preparing for this for the last 5 years)

The KRK adds that Aamir Khan should be happy when Kiran Rao has to agree. “Ye mai Aapka ehsaan zindagi me nai bhulunga. Dekh, ye assistant director kitni Sundar ladki hai na, aaj sham ko issi ke sath party karunga. Aaj toh whiskey chalegi. (I’ll never forget your favorite. Look, this assistant director looks really nice. I’m going to party with him tonight. I’m going to drink whiskey today.) “

In the video, Kamaal R Khan also claimed that Aamir and his PR director should be happy because they deserved publicity. 100 million free. He also claimed that announcing a divorce with Kiran Rao was a smart move for the promotion of Laal Singh Chaddha.

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