Kundali Bhagya: Swati Kapoor aka Mahira Khanna Dheeraj leaves Dhoopar-Shraddha Arya show

Kundali Bhagya: Swati Kapoor aka Mahira Khanna Dheeraj leaves Dhoopar-Shraddha Arya show

Kundali Bhagya: Swati Kapoor aka Mahira Khanna has left the show

The popular TV series Kundali Bhagya is ready to take a 3-month leap and then fans will have a lot of changes. The show, starring Dheeraj Dhoopar and Shraddha Arya, has started to win the hearts of the fans from the beginning. Today, the tracks feature Mahira Khanna, played by actress Swati Kapoor, who is also played by Preta when Karan Luthra is married. However, Swati Kapoor will not be seen after the jump. He has been working on the show for two years and now his career is over.

Swati Kapoor spoke to TOI about leaving Kundali Bhagya: “You leave some things with a happy heart and I am in that area right now. I have good things and memories right now, I don’t know how I would feel later. .14 July was my last day on set. I made sure I said goodbye to everyone before, because the whole actor wasn’t there. “

He added: “The show is making up 1000 episodes and is now taking a leap of 3 months. My character is leaving by then. I didn’t want to leave the session, but as I mentioned I don’t have a bad feeling or I don’t feel it happened very quickly. I’ve done everything I’ve had to improve that character day by day. ”

Kundali Bhagya will soon complete its 1000 episodes. he said he was talking about his former partner Dheeraj Dhoopar: “I will really miss being around Dheeraj. He has been someone who has encouraged and appreciated me since day one. When I entered the show, he was already in the air. It was Dheeraj who stood next to me like a rock. He was working and not what he was telling me. When I told him I was going to leave the show, he told me what I could do and how to go about it. I will also miss Ruhi Chaturvedi, because now my scenes from the show have been with him. We had a great time together. “

While Swati’s journey to Kundali Bhagya is over, he is not ready to rest. The actor said Covid has been taught by the situation and that leaving things is not a smart move. He wants to keep working until the job comes.

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