Lagaan Reunion Feat.  Aamir Khan & Team will release ‘Chale Chalo Lagaan: Once Upon’ on Netflix

Lagaan Reunion Feat. Aamir Khan & Team will release ‘Chale Chalo Lagaan: Once Upon’ on Netflix

Lagaan Reunion Feat. Aamir Khan and the Group will release ‘Chale Chalo Lagaan: Once Upon’ on Netflix (Photo Credit – IMDb)

The new Reunion special titled “Chale Chalo Lagaan: Once Upon” marks the 20th anniversary of Aamir Khan’s iconic blockbuster “Lagaan”. The film premiered on June 15, 2001.

“We broke our backs while we were in the lake, but our hearts were full of joy. Lagaan has soaked us all with so much love. I am very grateful to all the passengers on this magical journey, ”said Aamir of the film, who made his main role in his production because he did not get the lead role, and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film,” Aamir said.

“Lagaan is very grateful and I will always keep all the memories of this constant journey. It’s great to see Lagaan’s journey continue, and I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with the Lagaan Gang team thanks to this initiative by Netflix. Re Bhaiyya chhuttey Lagaan !! ”Added Aamir Khan, about the special Reunion.

Ashamosh Gowariker, the protagonist of Aamir Khan Lagaan, said: “My last dream was to create something that will stay in the minds of the audience. It is unimaginable that it would be appreciated in 20 years.”

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Gowariker added, “For me and the entire film crew, it’s overwhelming that this dream has come true. It’s a story of people coming together and standing in front of the people in Laga.”

“Lagaan is one of the most iconic creations of Indian cinema. It’s an epic tale that won hearts everywhere and showed the brilliance of Indian Storytelling around the world. It’s an honor for Netflix to celebrate 20 years of Lagaan behind this film with a tremendous team, ”Moni said of Shergill, VP, Content, Netflix India.

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