LG, Samsung look at Tesla love court, pampering with 4680 battery cell sample

LG, Samsung look at Tesla love court, pampering with 4680 battery cell sample

Tesla is targeting a world where batteries used inside electric vehicles can be cheaper than they are today, and manufacturers like LG Energy Solutions and Samsung SDI could be awarded a Mammoth contract because of its 4,680 battery cells. Reports say LG Energy Solutions and Samsung SDI have submitted cell samples with a view to winning Tesla’s contract.

Most of the attention in the EV world lies in these 4,680 battery cells, while those that can reduce EV’s overall costs are more efficient and therefore promise a better range for each charge. According to a report published in The Korea Herald, LG and Samsung have completed the first samples of these cells.

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While LG plans to bring these cells to mass production by 2023, Samsung doesn’t have a clear timeline. In addition, it has been reported that LG and Samsung are conducting tests on these cells to study structural integrity. There are also other players competing for attention. These include CATL and Panasonic.

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Tesla’s contract could be a big boost for one or more of these companies, as the US EV-Maker is looking to expand its global presence while increasing production. CEO Elon Musk stressed that in order for battery-powered cars to be cheaper, they also need to have a long range of autonomy, where more skilled batteries can do the trick.

Tesla dominates its vehicle world rival and doesn’t seem to have any way out of that advantage. It is likely that Tesla’s first 4,680 battery cell will upgrade to the Model Y, a well-known EV with numerous receivers from around the world.


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