Lionel Messi’s photo with the Copa America trophy has become an athlete’s favorite Instagram post

Lionel Messi shared the photo with the Copa America Trophy after Argentina won.© Instagram

Argentine striker Lionel Messi has surpassed Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo to have his favorite sports photo on Instagram, surpassing the 20 million likes record. Messi posted a photo of himself with the Copa America title after Argentina beat Brazil in the final this month. As a result of winning the Copa America, Messi recorded his first international title with Argentina. The Argentine striker’s position has broken Ronaldo’s previous record of 19.8 million likes after Ronaldo paid tribute to Diego Maradona, ESPN reported.

Messi posted the photo with the title Copa America on Instagram and wrote the message, “What a beautiful madness! This is unbelievable! Thank you, God! We are champions!”

The 34-year-old scored 38 seasons in 47 games against Barcelona last season, including 30 in the league. The Argentine striker scored four goals and five assists for the nation in the Copa America and was named Player of the Championship as a result.

Messi is ready to sign a new five-year contract with Spanish club Barcelona. Along with the signing of the new agreement, Messi will also take a 50 percent pay cut, reported.

The infamous striker has agreed to make a cut in his annual earnings so he can rejoin Barcelona, ​​and the club will make a formal announcement in the coming weeks.

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