‘Love in the time of Corona’: Shilpa Shetty shares mushy photo with husband Raj Kundra

‘Love in the time of Corona’: Shilpa Shetty shares mushy photo with husband Raj Kundra

Shilpa Shetty shares a soft picture with her husband Raj Kundra

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, who said last week that her family was positive about Covid-19, has portrayed how crown-era love is on social media on Sunday. Shilpa, who tested the virus negative, posted the image on Instagram. In the picture, the actress is seen inside while her husband Raj is standing outside the house. There is a glass window between the two as they look at each other.

“Love in the time of Corona! Corona pyar shark # Almost done! Thank you for all your hopes, worries and prayers. # Strong #positivevibes # gratitude # love # conquer # corona,” he wrote in caption.

On May 7, Shilpa took Instagram and shared that her husband Raj Kundra, children Samisha and Viaan and mother Sunanda and appisos have tested Covid positive. The actor, who has tested the negative, added all family members to quarantine and recovery.

Shilpa’s message wrote: “The last 10 days have been difficult for us as a family. My mother-in-law’s parent test was positive for COVID-19. Next were Samisha, Viaan-Raj, my mother and lastly Raj. have followed the doctor’s advice. Two of our internal staff members have also had a positive result and are being treated in a care facility. By God’s grace, everyone is on the road to recovery. “

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Shilpa Shetty is a fitness enthusiast and has a lot of healthy lifestyles on her social media. Recently, he took Instagram to share a photo of himself showing a smile on his face and his arms crossed in namaste.

“If you feel depressed about everything around us, it’s a good idea to take a break from social media. I understand that anyone who is dealing with someone who is fighting Covid-19, or has helped others find the resources they need, this fight is not easy. to any of us. Take your time. You need to be mentally in a place that lets you think on your feet and be fit enough to help others. Do anything to strengthen yourself and come back stronger to do what you can. Stay strong, stay safe! “Shilpa shared on Instagram in the message.

In front of the work, the actor has two films lined up. He will be seen in “Hungama 2”, a sequel to the 2003 “Hungama” hit. In addition to this, Shilpa is also seen in the movie “Nikamma” starring Abhimanyu Dassani and Shirley Setia.


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