Maharashtra reviews EV policy: Who said what

Maharashtra reviews EV policy: Who said what

The Maharashtra government on Tuesday announced a revised EU policy aimed at increasing the adoption of battery-powered vehicles in the state. Politics is worth it 930 million people want to electrify 10% of the new vehicle fleet by 2025. Maharashtra is the latest to highlight the crucial push to make electric vehicles more affordable and affordable among several states.

In the lines that were then expected, the country’s EV industry welcomed the announcement and, above all, agreed that in the coming times there would be a shot in the arm for such vehicles.

Here is how the industry reacted to the revised EV policy of the Maharashtra government:

“The Maharashtra government not only promotes the announcement for the EV industry, but also strengthens its vision of becoming the global EV center of India. These long-awaited measures provide a starting point for e-mobility awareness and consumer sentiment.

Sohinder Gill, General Manager, Association of Electric Vehicle Manufacturers (SMEV)

“The new EV policy of the Maharashtra government is very comprehensive and has been taken into account throughout the EV ecosystem. Incentives in terms of demand and supply will accelerate the take-up and manufacture of electric vehicles in the country. it’s great to get things started, as well as boost holiday sales. ”

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– Tarun Mehta, CEO and Founder, Ather Energy

“The EV policy announced by Maharashtra Govt will enable clean and green mobility. This will not only boost the growth of electric vehicles, but also provide employment at various levels and boost the deployment of cargo infrastructure.”

– Nagesh Basavanhalli, MD and Group General Manager, Greaves Cotton and Director, Ampere Vehicles

“We commend the Government of Maharashtra for announcing a number of measures to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles. The revised policy is much appreciated for facilitating consumers and manufacturers. The implementation of a strong charging infrastructure in the state is of great importance.

–Nakul Kukar, founder and CEO, Cell Propulsion

“This radical step by the Maharashtra government to subsidize electric vehicles will provide the necessary incentives. Aid for the establishment of a charging infrastructure … will lead to faster adoption of electric vehicles. We promise that Maharashtra (we) will soon introduce more products and dealers in the state.”

–Uday Narang, President of Omega Seiki Mobility


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