Manjot Singh admits that he has not worked for 2 years, published by Fukrey: “Reality Check Tab Pata Chalta …”

Manjot Singh admits that he has not worked for 2 years, published by Fukrey: “Reality Check Tab Pata Chalta …”

Manjot Singh Struggling Post Fukrey! (PC: Instagram)

He became famous with the character ‘Lali’ with Fukrey in a recent interview with Manjot Singh who revealed that the film premiered and was out of work for two years. The 29-year-old actor will now be seen in SonyLIV’s Chutzpah, which also stars his friend Varun Sharma.

Manjot also revealed that he was not satisfied with the type of role he was getting.

In an interview with Times Now, Manjot Singh revealed that he had been out of work for two years and said, “When I started (my career) I was 16, then I got a lot of films. After Fukrey, I think I’m just not there (it was a time when I didn’t get a job for two years). “

Manjot Singh continued: “So I didn’t want to make the offers that came and the things I wanted to do would not come to me. I was not happy with the offers I received. So it was a phase that I felt was easy (not easy). sitting down, I was studying and at the same time I was getting to the movies. I was also making good money, (I thought) life was amazing. But the reality check tab pata chalta (you get reality check) when you have to wait for the right thing. “

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In 2019, Manjot revealed that it was difficult to find roles because of his religion. He spoke to the Hindustan Times newspaper and recalled the incident of a casting director and said, “So they took my wallet. A few days later, they said again, ‘Because you’re a sardine, it’s pretty hard for us to look for a role for you.’ If you check out my 10-year career, 90% of them are successful films … “

What do you think about Manjot Singh being unemployed for two years after Fukrey? Tell us in the comments below.

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