Married to Kristen Stewart and his girlfriend Dylan Meyer? The actor flashed a ring with his wedding finger again!

Are Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer married? Check out the rock with her wedding finger (Pic Credit: Instagram / spillzdylz, robsten_pattinson_)

Kristen Stewart, in the Twilight Saga film series, gained tremendous fame for her leading role as Bella Swan. For the uninitiated, Stewart has had a relationship with his girlfriend Dylan Meyer (scriptwriter for the Miss 2059 session) since August 2019.

Snow White and the actor Huntsman and his girlfriend were recently seen wearing a wedding ring finger on the band. Now, the actor is once again stuck with the same ring in LA. Go below to see the photos.

DailyMail reported that Kristen Stewart managed to get out of a beauty salon in Los Angeles this week in search of her best case. Although the actress is impressed with her fashion choice, she was attracted to the simple ring finger on her left wedding. The 31-year-old actor turned on the same group a couple of days ago when he was arrested at Los Angeles Airport (LAX). His girlfriend Dylan Meyer also had a ring on the same finger.

So are they married? Well, there is no official news of that, but we are happy for the couple. Since August 2019 they have had quite a bit of public relations around their relationship.

Speaking of Kristen Stewart’s set, actress Charlie’s Angels chose a white costume along with a fossil gray jacket and some blue jeans. She completed the look with black socks, white sneakers and a bright locking collar. In hopes of overcoming the LA sun, they wore elegant shades and even wore a baseball cap.

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