Men’s Fielding R Sridhar coach has a special message for Shafali Verma and women’s team Kilker News

Men’s Fielding R Sridhar coach has a special message for Shafali Verma and women’s team Kilker News

Seventeen-year-old Shafali Verma is leading India, breaking two and a half centuries when she made her debut in a one-off event against Women in England. On Friday, Shafali was the fourth player in the history of the Women’s Cricket to reach the halfway point of the first two rounds of the test. In the second inning, 55 empty balls, he was undefeated with a 55-day result when the third-day play was canceled due to rain. Shafali and the performance of the Indian women’s team has not gone unnoticed R Sridhar Fielding Coach of the Indian men’s team said they had not lost the “rhythm of the girls’ game ”from day one.

The official BCCI handle shared a 58-second clip on Twitter at Sridhar’s press conference.

“Support the Southampton Women’s team! Good luck! India team,” the title of the video says.

“Except during the internship, we all watched the game. It was live in our rooms, in our team room, in our breakfast area and even today while we waited for the rain, we were all waiting and watching the girls match,” they said. “Now they’re fighting to get back into the game. We saw Deepti doing a stoic performance there.”

Sridhar remembers Shafali Viru (Virender Sehwag) a lot.

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“The way he plays, his mindset is very clear. We’re enjoying his entry. We wish he had gotten a hundred in the first entries. Well, Smriti and Shafali played, what a rollering they gave in the first entries. Unfortunately, he couldn’t take advantage of that,” he said. Sridhar. “It’s a great test match to go there.”


By the end of Day 3, India had 82 runs in nine wickets and India still have a lot of work to do to save the match on the final day of Saturday. They were only able to throw around 45.5 on Friday due to three interruptions caused by rain. After the third break, the referees called for tea. The last session could not be restarted due to constant rain.

Meanwhile, the play was canceled on the 1st day of the World Test Championship final without throwing a single ball. The draw was also postponed earlier on Friday due to rain. The Indian Cricket Control Commission (BCCI) revealed that the play will start on Saturday – at 15:00 IST scheduled time.

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