Mercedes-AMG created the palace to create free single-partner cars to create a clothing collection

Mercedes-AMG created the palace to create free single-partner cars to create a clothing collection

Mercedes-AMG has partnered with the Palace skate and streetwear brand to create a clothing collection inspired by the common features between Motorsport and street skate. The Palace has also designed a rear of the newly introduced Mercedes-AMG GT3 race car at the recent 24-hour ADAC race at the Nürburgring racecourse.

The GT3 race car features a white saber-toothed tiger on its bonnet, which represents an impressive and remarkably audible symbol of the collaboration between AMG and the Palace. Liver color palettes complement the saber-toothed tiger and its habitat. The shades of orange, violet, black and white are reminiscent of the sunsets of the Indian savannah and the skin of the Tiger. Free Endurance is inspired by the sound and energy of a race.

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The color schemes used on the back of the car also find a place in the Collaborative clothing collection. The collection, dubbed Get Sehr Fast, is inspired by the raw power and beast of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 race car. They embody the principles of the motoring world and street scooters, combining excellent performance, speed and outfit.

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This collection includes leather sleeve racing jackets, hoodies, nylon rounds, leather bags and Gore-Tex technical shells. It also includes accessories such as caps, a knitted cap, driving gloves, luxury leather bags and a scooter with an AMG edge design that matches the wheel sets.

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Along with the collection, there is also the Get Sehr Fast campaign film, which features a high-speed run through the Nürburgring racecourse designed by the Mercedes-AMG GT3 Palace. Palace skaters and videographers wear clothes from the collection, as well as a white tiger with saber-toothed teeth. “The partnership with the Palace emphasizes the transformation of our Mercedes-AMG brand to achieve more life. We are opening up to new target groups,” says Philipp Schiemer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.


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