Microsoft could soon support Xbox games using a smart TV and a controller: How it works

Microsoft could soon support Xbox games using a smart TV and a controller: How it works

Microsoft said on Thursday that it was working with global TV manufacturers to allow players to play Xbox games on TVs connected to the Internet without any additional hardware other than a controller.

The company, which last year launched two models of Xbox Gaming consoles, has also been developing a cloud gaming service with the promise of cutting ties with the living room to attract temporary players.

Game Pass, a $ 9.99-a-month subscription service with names like “Alien Isolation” and “Gears 5,” can be played on Xbox consoles, Android devices and computers, and Rival is seen as a weapon to cut Sony’s dominance. PlayStation platform.

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“With the Game Pass browser, the value of the subscription will be transferred from the console to the mobile computer,” CEO Satya Nadella said in a pre-recorded video.

“I’m excited about how we continue to invest in the Game Pass to add more content and move the service to more geography,” he said.

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Cloud Gaming via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, available in eleven countries, will be launched this year in Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Japan.

The Xbox, which is exploring new subscription offerings for the Game Pass, is also working with telecommunications companies to allow consumers to buy the console and the Game Pass at a lower monthly price, rather than spending money beforehand.

The game has had a boost since the beginning of the pandemic, with more than half of North American and Western European players spending more time playing, according to a report by analysis firm Newzoo Gaming.

Xbox plans to release at least one new party game to the Game Pass every quarter, as more than 23 studios around the world are creating platform games.

“We’ll be unlocking the ability to enjoy gaming experiences that relatively few people on the planet have had before,” said Xbox chief Phil Spencer.


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