Microsoft Outlook will send emails to users, schedule events with voice on iOS and Android

Microsoft Outlook will send emails to users, schedule events with voice on iOS and Android

Microsoft Outlook for Windows recently received an update that the company has named the biggest change since 1997. Now the company is adding the ability to use one’s own voice to determine things for smartphones, such as ordering emails and organizing events for Outlook for Android and iOS.

In May, we reported that Microsoft was adding support for transcribing your voice recordings for Android Office to Microsoft Office. The company has now introduced similar functionality to its email app on iOS and Android, as three new features that will be equipped with artificial intelligence. XDA.

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The first feature that comes with Outlook for Android and iOS is capability organize meetings within the mail application. Unlike the Gmail app, which includes Google Meet functionality, Outlook has built-in calendar functionality. Users can hold the plus sign inside the Outlook mobile app and tap the microphone icon to bring up Cortana and schedule a meeting, check for upcoming meetings, and more.

Microsoft too explains that the function can understand complex instructions and understand commands for tracking. For example, users might say, “Set up a meeting with Jill and her team about the Q1 budget for next Monday.” Then you can simply say “Add Jacob” to identify who Cortana should choose and set up the invitation correctly, and then say “Send” to finish the task.

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The second third features are related to each other: using the mobile language search in Android and iOS for Outlook mobile app, and using Dictation in Outlook for mobile. Microsoft 365 users will be able to use their own voice compound or respond to new emails and use Microsoft Graph when typing names or selecting recipients to reduce errors with your voice.

“Naturally speaking, you have the ability to work harder in less time – and with a greater sense of ease and control,” Microsoft said. explains is his blog. The new features are already available on iOS and the company says they will be available on Android devices in the future.


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