Mika Singh’s car breaks down in the rain in Mumbai, 200 people come to help at 3am

Mika Singh’s car breaks down in the rain in Mumbai, 200 people come to help at 3am

Tea heavy rains are attacking Mumbai they have affected people in all walks of life. When singer Mika Singh’s car was damaged as a result of the city’s waterlogged streets, ordinary people came to his aid on Monday morning around 3am.

Photographer Viral Bhayani shared a video with actress and model girlfriend, actress and model Mika and Akanksha Puri. The man who records the video says, “Jab Mika paji ki car band hoti hai toh itne log help karne aa jate hain (when Mika’s car breaks down, so many people come to his aid). You can see this “.

He took the camera to Mika, who was sitting in the seat of the Akanksha shotgun sitting in the seat of what looked like a Hummer SUV. “Our car broke down, but at least 200 people came to help.”

The car was surrounded by the crowd carrying umbrellas on their heads.

Mika and Akanksha were reportedly returning from the wedding. According to rumors, they are dating. Speaking to the Times of India, Akanksha, known for the TV series Vighnaharta Ganesha, told them that they had responded. He said: “Mika and I have known each other for over 12 years now, it’s more of a family, it’s always been for me and we have a very strong bond. But we certainly don’t care and we don’t have a plan like that. “

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