Modi PM asks Mary Kom “What’s your favorite coup?”  His answer  Olympic News

Modi PM asks Mary Kom “What’s your favorite coup?” His answer Olympic News

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday spoke to legendary boxer Mary Kom about her dealings with Indian Olympic athletes. Prime Minister Modi asked his favorite boxer about Indian boxing. “Are you the champion of all the blows you throw. However, what is your favorite blow? Is it the owner, the hook, the top cut or some other move? Tell us and why is it your favorite blow?” He asked PM Modi. Mary Kom replied, “Since I’m from the South, hooking is my favorite.”

“It’s a very effective move. I rarely miss an opponent with this blow. I’m almost certain to go,” he added.

“I want to know who your favorite athlete is,” Modi asked PM later.

“I have my Hero in boxing, my inspiration, Muhammad Ali. I took inspiration from him to choose boxing as a profession,” Mary Kome replied.

“Mary Kom ji, you have won almost every boxing tournament in the world. You once said that winning your Olympic gold medal is your dream. This is not only your dream, but also your country’s,” said Prime Minister Modi.
“The country hopes that you will fulfill your Dreams and the Dreams of the country.”

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Mary Komek, who won the bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics, will be aiming for the song Swansong from Tokyo, which will be her last Olympics.


He made history by becoming the first Indian boxer to win a medal at the London Olympics.

Next to Mary Kom, eight other Indian boxers have made the cut for the Tokyo Games.

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