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Prime Minister Narendra Modi linked the Indian Olympics ahead of the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday, July 23, and said the Athletes are a reflection of a “new India”. “Soon, winning will become a habit for this new India,” Prime Minister Modi said. The Prime Minister spoke to the Athletes about their career in the sport so far and motivated them before the Tokyo Games. Modi PM told them that they had characteristics like Dedication, Determination and Discipline, which made them a “reflection of the new India”.

Prime Minister Modi told them not to worry about the pressure and to play hard at the Olympics.

Prime Minister Modi in front of the Athletes on Tuesday was joined by Sports Minister Anurag Thakur, former Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju and the President of the Indian Olympic Association Narinder Batra on Tuesday.

Sania Mirza, Mary Kom, Dutee Chand, Manika Batra, Sharath Kamal, PV Sindhu, Vinesh Phogat and many other Indian athletes spoke to the Prime Minister during the conversation.

Modi PM started some interactions with Indian archer Deepika Kumari, who recently finished 1st in the Women’s Recreation Ceremony.

“After winning gold in Paris, the whole country is talking to you. Now you are number 1 in the world. I know you were picking mangoes using your shooting skills,” Modi PM began with a lighter note.

“I really liked the mangoes, that’s where the story comes from,” Deepika threw out.

“My trip (archery) has been very good. You expect the most from you. I am focused on what I can give my best (at the Olympics),” Deepika said.

Archer Pravin Jadhav told how he took archery after starting in athletics.

“You used to be an athlete. How did you take archery?” Modi asked PM.

“I started in athletics. I was told I could do archery well. I took archery first in Amravatin. My financial conditions were not very good. I knew I had to work as a home worker. So I decided to continue doing that and do well with archery.”

“You’ve experienced misfortunes. How did you manage to overcome them?” Asked the PM.

“If I gave up here, I thought everything I experienced would be useless. So I continued to work hard,” Jadhav said.

Modi PM was also involved with Pravin Jadhav’s parents

“You have shown rewards for hard work and honesty. This success shows that if there is a good basic selection, the opportunities for the country are endless,” Modi PM told Pravin Jadhav’s parents.

Neeraj Chopra, hoping for a medal in the Indian javelin throw, spoke about his time in the Indian army.

“Have you been in the Neeraj Army. What training sessions have helped you stand out in the sport?” Modi asked PM.

“I’ve always loved the Army. After 5-6 years in sports, they gave me the opportunity to join the Army. The Army helped me. I continue to work hard,” Neeraj replied.

“Despite the injuries, you set a national record. How did you get things going?” Modi asked PM.

“We have a short career and we need to stay motivated. I lost a year due to injury. But I continued to prepare and work hard, despite losing some time due to COVID blockages, and I will continue to work hard,” Neeraj said.

Athlete Dutee Chand spoke about his misfortune on his trip to the Olympics.

“Your name itself means ‘fascinating.’ And you’ve been fascinated by the sport. Tell us about your trip,” Modi PM asked Dutee Chand.

“I have experienced difficulties. I thought that if I played well, I could get the job of government through sports. I thank you and Dr. Achyuta Samanta (Humanitarian and Rajya Sabha MP) and Naveen Pattnai (Odisha Chief Minister) for their journey,” Dutee said. -k.

“There have been discussions and obstacles along the way, but I continue to strive for success. I also work for the success of women and I want all women in the country to do well.”

Boxer Ashish Kumar is from a family of athletes. His father was a horseman. Ashish told him how he started boxing.

“Your father was a kabaddi player. How did you come to choose boxing?” Modi asked PM.

“My father wanted me to be a boxer. I belong to a sports family. My brother was a fighter, but I had a thin frame. So I decided I couldn’t be a fighter and I chose boxing,” Ashish said. .

“You suffered COVID. You also lost your father. How did you cope and continue to work hard?” Asked Modi PM.

“I was emotionally hurt after my father died. My family helped me a lot during the rehearsals. Friends encouraged me to work to fulfill my father’s dreams,” Ashish Kumar said.

“When I was in Spain, I gave a positive COVID. But they gave me special facilities. Despite those facilities I needed a lot of time to heal. After returning to India, our sports staff helped me a lot. I got into the rhythm again. With their help.”

“Sachin Tendulkar also lost his father during a tournament. He paid tribute to his father through his game. You did the same. You are already a champion and the Nation is waiting for you from the stage of the Olympic Games,” said Prime Minister Modi.

The legendary boxer Mary Kom has also spoken to Modi PM.

“You’ve been an inspiration to a lot of you. Athletes look at you. What do you say to athletes when they call you?” asked the Prime Minister.

“I keep telling my kids that I play in the country. They tell me you have to listen to your father when I’m away. But because of the COVID restrictions, they’ve made it hard. I’ve told him we have to fight it. He also tells me that I do what I can. to bring it to the country, ”said Mary Kom.


“What’s your favorite athlete?” Asked Prime Minister Modi.

“Muhammad Ali has been an inspiration to me in boxing,” the Champion boxer said.

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