Money Heist Season 5 is full of tension and action, says AKA professor Alvaro Morte

Money Heist Season 5 is full of tension and action, says AKA professor Alvaro Morte

Like the last season of global success

Money Heist

approaching, starring Alvaro Morte, said that the last chapter is full of action and moments of tension. The fifth and final season of Smash was a hit on Netflix, with the title

The Paper House

in Spanish, it will be published in two parts. While the first five episodes will be released on September 3, the rest will be released on December 3 after three months.

The Spanish series, created by Alex Pina, tells the story of two robberies committed by a traumatic group of thieves, led by the enigmatic The Professor (Morte) – one at the Royal Spanish Currency and the Bank of Spain. Morte became known for his performance as a master planner of spectacle glasses, Morte said, and working on the show has been very “rewarding” for him as a performer.

“I can’t tell you how the series will end – they’ll cut my throat – and I can’t tell you how good it is or not. Man, I hope so.” It’s a lot of tension, a lot of action, and it’s very exciting. And it’s very rewarding for an actor, but you have to get into that mindset and it’s pretty tiring, in a good way, ”Mort said on a virtual press tour.

When the show ends with season five, Morte said that in addition to working with his partners, they will also miss playing the character The Professor. “The best memory I have is definitely the team. Definitely. Of course, it has given me a lot of connections with this character. I’ve had a great time; I’m very happy and the teacher has a great time every time the teacher has to do his thing.

Money Heist 5 Teaser: The Last Season will be published in two volumesMoney Heist 5 Teaser: Last Season will be published in two volumes

“But working with this team has been a great experience. We knew from the beginning that it was a very tough project … That feeling of working together, like a well-oiled machine, could well come out of a great experience,” said the 46-year-old actor. The film “Money Heist” had a close debut on Spanish television in 2017, but found a dedicated audience after it was acquired by Netflix. The three seasons of follow-up ensured the state of the show as a global phenomenon, chaining Morte and his cast members to being an international star and a place in pop culture.

The virtual tour of Netflix streamer for international journalists, including PTI, was moderated by Lukas Peros, and the show’s show team hosted a back-to-back event in Madrid, Spain. Wearing the iconic red coin that became famous with the show, Peros, who plays the role of Marseille in the series, first caught up with costume designer Carlos Diez, who explained the process of designing the costumes and accessories for the characters.

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“The costumes for the movie ‘Money Heist’ are wonderful because each character is different. Dressing all the characters individually and in groups, with the iconic red coins they use in Heist, has been a big challenge. That was an idea. Alex Pina’s opening script.

“Then the monkey had different iterations. The monkey from the first and second seasons was different from the current one. We did the third, fourth and fifth remodeling,” he said. He also explained how he designed the masks of Salvador Dali that have now become synonymous with the show. “Each actor has his own and he has several. They’re tailor-made and, as you can see, there are different sizes. They’re bigger for men, and a little smaller for women.

Money Heist 5: Alvaro Morte, Miguel Herrán and others say goodbye to their characters on the Netlfix ShowMoney Heist 5: Alvaro Morte, Miguel Herrán and others say goodbye to their characters on the Netlfix Show

These masks were custom made

Money Heist
“added. Peros introduced Abdon Alcaniz, who designed an exact replica of the Bank of Spain for the show. The art designer explained in depth how he recreated the Spanish central bank and its spaces, libraries, offices and even. Bathroom with secret door. Later Peros Esther Acebo and caught up with actor Pedro Alonso on the virtual tour, and Acebo said he was happy with the way the Stockholm character has progressed and embarked on his own in five seasons.

“I’m very happy with the character of Stockholm, with everything he lives with. He’s barely remembered from that secretary for being a member of the gang and having a little more strength, power and courage to do some crazy things, by the way,” he said. Alonso, who is trying out the role of Berlin in Morte’s film The Professor, said the show has had a definite impact on their lives, both professionally and personally.

“I feel like the door has opened or at least opened a little bit, which, beyond any personal account, has given visibility to the kind of work they were doing here in the world. And if we make a small contribution to that, I think it’s impressive.” he said. Last season the Gang will be closed at the Bank of Spain for 100 hours. They managed to rescue Lisbon but the darkest moment came after losing one of their own.

The cast includes Ursula Corbero (Tokyo), Itziar Ituno (Lisbon), Miguel Herran (Rio), Jaime Lorente (Denver), Enrique Arce (Arturo), Darko Peric (Helsinki), Hovik Keuchkerian (Bogota), Belen Cuesta (Manila), Rodrigo de la Serna (Palermo) and Najwa Nimri (Inspector Sierra).

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