Mumbai can see sharper traffic between Covid-19.  Here’s why

Mumbai can see sharper traffic between Covid-19. Here’s why

It may not be easy to get your car out of Mumbai yet, as the state government has reiterated that drastic closure-type restrictions will continue throughout Maharashtra until the Covid-19 cases are significantly calmed down. The state government has warned that vehicle restrictions could be even stricter if traffic jams continue amid the ongoing shutdown.

Explaining concerns about heavy vehicle traffic in Mumbai, Maharashtra Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray said on Monday: “I myself did indirect control in a speech last night. I did not say that the Covid-19 restrictions have been removed.”

Lockdown-shaped curbs in the state have been extended until June 15 in the coming days as restrictions can be eased depending on the Covid-19 positivity rate and the availability of oxygen beds.

Mumbai is reporting some traffic congestion cases in the ongoing blockade phase. Despite the restrictions, several vehicles have been seen on the roads, believing that the ongoing Covid-19 crisis could worsen.

On Monday, while the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray, inaugurated the test of the Metro line between Dahanukarwadi and Aarey stations, images of the traffic congestion appeared near the stations.

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Under the Covid-related restrictions, no vehicles are allowed on the roads without proper validation by the authorities. Vehicles used for essential services are exempt from this rule. Vehicles used for health emergencies or driving vaccines also work. Mumbai Traffic Police have also warned of heavy fines in cases where vehicles are found that violate Covid-19 regulations.

Earlier, Mumbai Police introduced a system of color-coded stickers to ensure the passage of vehicles engaged in emergencies and essential services, amid constant restrictions. However, the system was recently suspended after the move to reintroduce the e-pass system for inter-state and inter-district movements.

More than 50 lakh drivers have been charged by Challan for several traffic-related violations despite being completely blocked for six months last year when the Pandemic hit India.

Mumbai is one of the cities affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic in India. It continues to record more than a thousand cases every day. On Sunday, the city registered 1,066 new cases while dying from 22 viruses.


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