Naomi Osaka thanks the fans for the French Open Start |  Tennis news

Naomi Osaka thanks the fans for the French Open Start | Tennis news

Naomi Osaka thanked her followers in a short Instagram post.© AFP

Naomi Osaka, a four-time Grand Slam winner, posted her first comments on social media since leaving the French Open after a dispute over press conferences. Osaka, who revealed his ongoing struggle with depression and anxiety, thanked supporters in a short Instagram message. “I want to say thank you for all the love. I haven’t been on the phone much, but I wanted to get in here and I wanted to say I really appreciate it,” he wrote. French tennis officials fined Osaka 15,000 euros and threatened to remove him from the tournament for failing to comply with mandatory media commitments. , Encouraging the 23-year-old Japanese star to retire on his own. Officials at the French Open said they had tried to talk to Osaka before successfully coming out.

Osaka had previously said the post-match press conference was detrimental to mental health and compared the usual question and answer format to “kicking people down.”

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Osaka said it wanted to take the time to improve the game. He gave no news of his condition.


Osaka also did not say when he intends to play, and questioned his participation in Wimbledon and the Japanese Olympics. He also retired from the Berlin grass court tournament on June 14th.

Osaka said its mental health struggles began in 2018 when it won the first of four major U.S. Open finals in a controversial final against Serena Williams.

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