Naseeruddin Shah said Dilip Kumar “didn’t do enough for the film”: “He never exceeded the benefit of his experience”

Naseeruddin Shah Feels Dilip Kumar “He Didn’t Feel Enough for Cinema”

Everyone was mourning the disappearance of Dilip Kumar last week. The legendary actor died of a long illness. Many Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Abhish Bachchan, among others began to have the last respect personally. Naseeruddin Shah continued to write an opinion article and not everything is sweet. Read all the details.

In a piece written for The Indian Express, Naseeruddin was praised by Dilip Kumar for his tremendous acting skills. But he mentioned that the former actor hadn’t done enough for film. Yes, you read that right. He also mentioned that his contribution was limited.

Naseeruddin Shah wrote: “Some of these works will stand the test of time, but, given his attitude, it is clear that he did not do enough to act on social reasons close to his heart. He produced only one film, did not direct it (officially at least), never conveyed the benefit of his experience, did not bother to decorate it, and left no major lessons for the future in addition to screenings prior to the 1970s. Actors; his autobiography is also nothing more than a repetition of old conversations. “

Naseeruddin Shah continued, “It is astonishing why a man should be reluctant to record his interactions with some of the good filmmakers of his time as he is aware of his place in history, or to tell enlightening information about the nature of his work and technique…. to talk directly about problems “.

Many would not know it, but Dilip Kumar, who was battling Naseeruddin Pneumonia, took his last breath at the same hospital. But they still didn’t know each other.

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