Naseeruddin Shah says Dilip Kumar didn’t do enough for film, leaving “important lessons” behind

Naseeruddin Shah says Dilip Kumar didn’t do enough for film, leaving “important lessons” behind

Bollywood veteran star Dilip Kumar took his last breath on July 7th. Due to age-related problems, he was admitted to Mumbai Hindu Hospital. Lead actor Naseeruddin Shah was also admitted to the same hospital at the same time. In the demise of the legendary actor Naseeruddin Shah, he praised his performances and contribution to his acting work. But I wondered why Dilip chose to “play it safe” in his own way, despite being the star and Immaculate in his office.

In a piece from The Indian Express newspaper, Naseeruddin acknowledged the “undoubted Greatness” of Dilip’s performances, but questioned his contribution to cinema. “Certainly some of these works will stand the test of time, but, given the attitude it was, it is clear that they have only done enough to perform and participate in social reasons close to the heart,” Naseeruddin said.

“He produced only one film, he didn’t direct (officially at least), he never conveyed the benefit of his experience, he didn’t bother to decorate anyone and in addition to his pre-1970s screenings, he left no important lessons for future actors; it is not, ”he added.

Naseeruddin said it’s amazing why a man who was as aware of Dilip’s place as he was in history had to be reluctant to record his interactions with some of the good filmmakers of his time. “It’s amazing why people are aware of the place they had in their history to record their interaction with some good filmmakers of their time or to tell enlightening information about the nature of their work and technique.

Naseeruddin also thanked the former actor for the magic he created in Hindi cinema.

Meanwhile, Naseeruddin Shah had “a small part” of pneumonia in his lungs and was undergoing treatment.

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