Neha Kakkar releases version of Dil Ko Karaar Aaya, Rohanpreet husband’s reaction is priceless | SEE

Neha Kakkar releases version of Dil Ko Karaar Aaya, husband’s reaction to Rohanpreet is priceless

Singer Neha Kakkar treated her fans with exciting news on Wednesday when she shared a repeated version of the song “Dil Ko Karaar Aaya”. The original Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla and actor Neha Sharma released the original songs last year. In the new video, Neha performed a song that looked incredibly beautiful in a red dress. Neha went to Instagram to share the song. He wrote: “#DilKoKaraarAayaReprise All Yours Now !!! @rana_sotal @iamrajatnagpal”.

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Immediately after the post, the fans threw their love into the comments section. But what caught our attention was the wonderful comment made by Rohanpreet Singh’s husband in the video. They wrote, “Hayee Ishq Ka Bukhar Aayaaaa !!!!”

In the morning, Nehak Eide expressed her desire to share a photo with her beloved husband Rohanpreet.

Neha recently recounted that Instagram has become “the most followed Indian musician” with 60 million followers. Neha went to Instagram and shared a video with her fans celebrating the milestone. Along with the clip, he also wrote a long note thanking fans and fans for showering with all their love.

He put the title of the video, “60 Million Pyar! Khush Nahin Behad Khush Hoon main (I’m not only happy but very happy) .. The love you all give him can’t be compared to your Nehu! Aap ho toh Neha Kakkar Hai (Neha Kakkar is there for you)! Thank you .. Each and Especially My Special People, My #Hearts Hearts I Love You !!!! “

“Thank you @rohanpreetsingh for always being there and for making all my wishes come true since you came into my life. Also .. I have to thank and mention these two wonderful Fairies too wonderful. They made a lot of effort to surprise me yesterday. God bless you @ roshni0819 and @shrxya_goxl. #NehaKakkar can proudly say that I am #FollowIndianMusic #NehuDiaries, ”he concluded.

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Neha and Rohanpreet were married last year. He was last seen with Rohanpreet Singh in the music video for the single “Khad Tainu Main Dassa”.


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