Neha Kakkar shares her bets on the birthday celebration: “Rohanpreet brought me everything I wanted”

Neha Kakkar shares her bets on the birthday celebration: “Rohanpreet brought me everything I wanted”

Neha Kakkar turned 33 with her husband Rohanpreet Singh. The singer took to Instagram to report on the surprise bash organized by Rohanpreet. Speaking of celebrating her first post-wedding birthday, Neha recounted how Rohanpreet made her birthday very special.

“My first birthday after marrying my prince. Charming @rohanpreetsingh. I can’t tell you everything he gave me. Rohu ne Mujhe LIFE di hai .. Life .. Zindagi. It was, in fact, my BestTestT Birthday EVER! Thank you Almighty God.” , he wrote, Rohanpreet “brought me all the things I wanted!”

“Even though he knew the shops weren’t open, deliveries are hard, what not. He still managed to get it all. Upar se itneeee zyada Pyar ke sath Gifts diye so mujhe 🎁😍 Rohu baby I LOVE YOU!” we see the gifts opening with excitement.Rohanpreet also made sure to invite Neha’s family to his birthday.In several photos, Neha is seen posing with her brother Tony Kakkar, parents and family.

Neha Kakkar turned 33 on Sunday. (Photo: Neha Kakkar / Instagram)
neha kakkar birthday message Rohanpreet threw a surprise at Neha Kakkar on her birthday. (Photo: Neha Kakkar / Instagram)
neha kakkar birthday Neha Kakkar thanked her fans for her birthday. (Photo: Neha Kakkar / Instagram)

He also thanked the fans for their wishes and a wonderful birthday. “My Friends, My Family, My Benefactors and Especially My Everything MY #Heart Hearts, I wanted to inform everyone that it is impossible for me to leave a Comment on everyone’s message and I will not let my team give my response. because that would be a scam in the name. Even those who tried to call me, I turned off the phone since everyone was calling. But you should know that I’ve seen all of my birthday posts and I don’t have a word on how much they love you showering. bahut chota word hai aapke Pyar Ke liye. But that is the only word to express our gratitude, I have to thank you, ”he concluded.

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In the morning, Rohanpreet shared a message expressing his love for Neha. Along with a photo, he wrote: “Your first birthday with me .. I wish you much more .. way Anyway .. Happy Birthday My Life !! My Queen”

Rohanpreet Singh and Neha Kakkar joined in October 2020.


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