Nissan will study the brain function of Formula E drivers to improve their performance

Nissan will study the brain function of Formula E drivers to improve their performance

Nissan Motor has launched a program called Nissan Brain to Performance, which aims to focus on brain function and help race drivers optimize track performance.

According to Nissan, the program will use advanced brain imaging and analysis to determine the anatomical features of high-performance professional drivers.


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The first phase of this Nissan program will include studying and testing the brain functions of Formula E Racers compared to a control group of non-racing drivers. These drivers will perform a variety of tasks in driving simulators. Their brain activity will be monitored and recorded. According to the results, a tailor-made training program will be developed that will perform electrical stimulation of the brain. The goal will be to improve driver performance.

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Tommaso Volpe, director of Nissan Global Motorsports, shared with this program that the performance of Nissan race drivers can be boosted in Formula E. “It’s worth every tenth of a second in Formula E, so we’re excited to see how Nissan is at the forefront of our research team. Seb and Oli can already improve their high-performance brain functionality,” they said.

The program will be coordinated by Lucian Gheorghe, a key figure in the field of brain analysis and training. Gheorghe warned that with the tremendous power of the brain and the critical functions it performs for race drivers, this program will be further improved. “In the future, can our cutting-edge research help improve the average driver’s driving skills and inform us about the development of our vehicles? We hope so,” Gheorghe said.


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