“No one in the TV industry is essential”

“No one in the TV industry is essential”

Aasif Sheikh Leaving Shilpa Shinde ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’: “No One Is Essential In The TV Industry” (Photo Credit – A Still From Show)

Actor Aasif Sheikh, now seen as Vibhuti Narayan Mishra in Binaiferr and Sanjay Kohli’s “Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai!”, Shared that he always tries to experiment with his role in the show. He also said that an actor should never let his character stop and try new things.

He said: “I’m happy to have played about 300 characters in the show. I play something different every other day and I’m always hungry to try new roles. Actually, every time I’m constantly playing Vibhuti, I call my director and tell him to give me a meat role. They immediately write me something extraordinary and different.It’s important to break the monotony of not having the actor go on autopilot.You have to keep fighting not to go on autopilot.

Aasif Sheikh added: “For me, every day is a new day and I don’t survive the Laurels I got in the past. According to my life philosophy, development is very important for an actor because it opens up new horizons. Only then will a person’s life be spice and hobby. the moment you feel like I’ve worked and worked for 28 years and made about 125 films you won’t get anything new. ”

“If you get a National Award or something bigger, it’s understandable. But I still feel like I have a lot to achieve and I want to be proud of my work. I’m always looking for jobs like that. Also, until you’re fit, healthy and why can’t you work, give your the best, ”added Aasif Sheikh.

to break the monotony it is important that the actor doesnt go on auto pilot mode aasif sheikh002 scaled

The show became synonymous with names like Angoori bhabhi, Anita bhabhi, Manmohan Tiwary and Vibhuti Narayan, and the actor admitted that the show had a tremendous shake-up when Angoori tried to get Shilpa Shinde out. He said: “You have to remember that the session can’t be directed by a single person and especially in the TV industry I don’t feel essential. When he left the show we lifted our socks and were ready because there would be a drop in our TRP because he had a major fan.”

Aasif Sheikh added, “He was doing a great job but we didn’t give up and we did more work and we started the show again. We knew we would get to hear the usual comments, we’d see Shilpa’s session now he’s gone, we don’t see it and In the end, it’s not like that.Every time someone is watching the show, they do humor or entertainment.If they still get the humor, they will continue to see it of course the audience missed it but started to enjoy it again.When Shubhangi entered the Atre he received everything and because he did so well, now is his fifth year. “

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“Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai!” she saw another replacement earlier in the year when Nehha Pendse rose as Anita. The character was previously played by Saumya Tandon until August 2020. When the show was launched it was because Angoori Runaway was a success and his line ‘sahi pakde so’ became an immediate success. It was a caricature. But he was the most difficult character in Saumya, as he played a normal character who was not a caricature. “

“We both tried to give shade to that character and add layers, because that character had a lot of layers. His character was like he would be angry with Vibhuti but he loved it at the same time. So we would work on our characters a lot. we also respect the work. He is very intelligent and very well connected and I would say I liked working with him the most. The two characters grew up together in the show, ”signed Aasif Sheikh.

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