Noel Gallagher loves Lockdown Life, Inside!

Noel Gallagher loves Lockdown Life, Inside!

Noel Gallagher talks about everything he does between Lockdown (Pic Credit: Instagram / themightyi)

Legend Oasis legend Noel Gallagher says he had a great time at home in the Lockdown caused by Covid-19.

“I would rather preach about a clean life but can’t. But I love it. I really re-entered … drinking at home, which I haven’t done since the 90s, watching Telly every night. I know rock stars who are obsessed with health … and they quickly tell you that they’ve been in rehab. No one wants to know that. Luckily, I never felt the need to go, ”Gallagher said.

Despite the lockdown, Noel Gallagher has managed to exercise, reported.

“I eat pretty well and do a bit of exercise. I get out on my bike and have a gym, even though I haven’t used it in six months. But my wife is a fitness enthusiast, ”Noel Gallagher shared with The Bizarre column in The Sun newspaper.

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