Olympics: Indian Women’s Hockey Team Training On Tokyo Time  Hockey News

Olympics: Indian Women’s Hockey Team Training On Tokyo Time Hockey News

Tokyo Olympics: Indian Women’s players are training in a bio-safe bubble at an SAI center.© Twitter

Members of the Indian women’s hockey team have been training for the upcoming Olympics on that continent, with their biological clock set for Tokyo by then, said midfielder Namita Toppo. With less than 50 days to go before the Tokyo Games, there is great excitement among members of the grassroots women’s Olympic team, which is currently training in a bio-safe environment at the SAI center. “Fitness remains a key focus,” Toppo said in a statement.

“The weather in Tokyo is going to be pretty challenging and our workouts are planned so that our biological clock is set at the time we play the matches in Tokyo.

“We’re playing a lot of inside games to boost that momentum. There’s a lot of excitement in the team with less than 50 days left to start the Games and we don’t let outside factors affect our excitement.” Added added.

The selection of the last 16 players to represent the country in Tokyo is awaited and Toppo has achieved this in a team with no talent shortage, while several youngsters are rising to the level.

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“In the last three years, a lot of talented young players have come to the main senior team who have done very well for the team on international tours, and they have gained a lot of experience in high-profile events including the Asian ones. The Games and the World Cup …

“… so in that sense, it’s not guaranteed that the players have a guaranteed place on the team for the Olympics.”


Toppo, who has more than 160 international caps and was a member of the team that represented India for the first time in 36 years at the Rio Olympics, said all players must give their all in each session to see themselves in the last 16 in Tokyo.

Speaking about his chances of playing in the Olympics for the second time, Toppo said, “It would be wonderful if I get to play in the Olympics for the second time. But for now, I have to keep my work carefully and every day what is expected of me from the coaches.”

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