OTT over Bollywood? Pankaj Tripathi, Vikrant Massey, Tamannaah Bhatia and others speak!

OTT adds Indian content while Bollywood loses its masala (Pic Credit: Facebook / Tamannaah, Pankaj Tripathi, IMDb)

While Bollywood is closed, video playback portals are importing fresh talent, crisp content and bold ideas into the Indian entertainment industry when they used the power of stars to smash the window. Actors say higher-level services (OTTs) highlight the evolving priorities of new age audiences in streaming content.

“Changes are happening,” said actor Pankaj Tripathi. He has caught his eye since he shone in thrillers like “Mirzapur” and “Sacred Games” on the website’s crime thrillers.

“It seems that a time of change in cinema is taking place with the advent of OTT. There is no other choice today than OTT, “he told IANS.” Stories are important in OTT. Who or what is in it is not important. His talent and performance are important. Storytelling matters more, “Pankaj Tripathi said.

Pankaj Tripathi also said that OTT platforms are a kindergarten where fresh talent can easily flourish. “I’m happy. I can see one after the other through the advent of Talent OTT. Especially for those who take the time to get recognized through Films and here at OTT there is an opportunity, ”the actor said.

Pankaj, who won the Spotlight Award in 2012 for his small role in the saga of the two-part film “Gangs Of Wasseypur,” added that content is king in streaming services, a reality that may have been lacking in the celluloid era.

Actress-singer Adarsh ​​Gourav, featured on Netflix’s “The White Tiger” in January, was nominated three months later in the Leading Actor category at the 74th British Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards. Adarsh ​​believes that people are working harder than ever to try to gain growth in the Indian network audience.

“I’m happy because that happened, knowing that things aren’t sustainable, that people work harder and don’t take anything lightly,” Adarsh ​​told IANS. “It’s about renewing everyone’s vision and making better stories,” Adarsh ​​said, adding that the change has also written “more opportunities for actors, creators, technicians.”

Actress Wamiqa Gabbi appeared in the background of an attempt at a horrific website by a strong police officer from the Disney + Hotstar film ‘Grahan’, which dealt with the 1984 + Sikh riots. The actor said he felt the winds of creativity in Indian cinema for a long time in his sharp attire.

“Anyone who didn’t want anyone’s approval to make a film or series on a topic that isn’t really commercial can do it now,” Wamiqa said, adding that OTT’s focus was increasingly on content. “OTT has given us that door where I think we’re all in a hurry (and) I’m glad now that more opportunities have opened up for filmmakers, writers, actors, producers,” Wamiqa told IANS.

“This should be how all of this should be,” the actor said, adding that OTT has made it less difficult for filmmakers to cope. “I think the OTT platforms have helped neutralize the sector budget debate. Instead of putting the A-Listers leader, managers are more receptive and willing to test newer actors for millions of large projects,” Wamiqa said.

Vikrant Massey, who has had a frequent face in the digital space, said that a new generation of viewers has come to stay. “They don’t have the Idol Worship as they probably did 20 years ago,” Vikrant said, listing some in the film “Mirzapur,” “Broken But Beautiful,” and the legal drama “Criminal Justice.” “My nephews are eight and nine. They don’t see Indian content. They watch and sit on Korean content, ”he told IANS.

Actor Tamannaah Bhatia, who starred in the crime thriller “November Story,” has felt the loves and popcorn of dark theaters Jaded. “I just feel like the fan I follow could have piled up ten years ago, it will be difficult for the generation today because the situation we live in as a result of the pandemic is different from the emotions surrounding the films,” Tamannaah told IANS. .

“The whole idea of ​​a star is changing very quickly, and people see the content and like the content, and not just for an individual actor or talent,” the actor said. “The way we watch movies will be different,” Tamannaah concluded.

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