Paani Paani song: Jacqueline Fernandez and Badshah’s meaningless lyrics

Paani Paani song: Jacqueline Fernandez and Badshah’s meaningless lyrics

When Badshah and Jacqueline Fernandez collaborated on “Genda Phool,” it became an instant hit. The rappers with Aastha Gill have also been very successful. As the rap composer releases his new track titled “Paani Paani,” starring Jacqueline Fernandez and sung by Aastha Gill, fan expectations were at an all-time high. But is it worth the wait? We have doubts.

Filmed in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer, “Paani Paani” is located against striking sand dunes. Jacqueline looks amazing from the first frame, as well as the beautiful premises. But the song as a whole takes time. If you’re listening for the tempo of kicking, it’s a winner. As Badshah said on Instagram LIVE, the song is meant to be heard at high volume because of the low energy of the song.

Listen to “Paani Paani” here:

The composition is a good mix of Rajasthani folk sound and instruments with Badshah rap. But it does not do it absolute justice with the subject and culture of Rajasthan. The lyrics to “Paani Paani” are written by Badshah, and are the most disappointing part of the song. Badshah surely needs to work on his writing to level his songs.

Speaking about the song, Badshah wrote on social media: “We’ve worked very hard to do that. I’ve always made sure I give my best to my audience and fans. It’s different from what I did before and took it to a new level. It’s amazing how the idea becomes a song. It wouldn’t be possible everyone will work so hard for that one goal.Thank you @ jacquelinef143 for being a killer every time.Probably the hardest and most nonsensical job I have ever encountered.You automatically move things to another league.I think we have a great follow up to Genda Phooli, last year the biggest song to the biggest song of the year “.

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He added, “Thank you @aasthagill for making my songs beautiful. You are my pizza brother. Thank you @ sweta_ojha2020 and @ dhruvwadhwa88, for joining and managing everything. It’s not easy to work with me but you get caught. Thank you @ security for having something more than that. Thank you Jaisalmer for being so amazing. Thank you @saregama_official for being such an amazing super partner. Every time I release a song, I’m as excited and nervous as my first song. “

The song is being aired on Saregama Music’s YouTube channel.


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