Paid or Free Hosting ? What is the difference between them ?

Paid or Free Hosting ? What is the difference between them ?

Hosting now are expensive weapons thing, I mean six bucks a month for only 10 gigabyte of bandwidth with a gigabyte of storage that’s tiny bit pricey you know Gator hosting or Hostgator, they offer unlimited everything for like five dollars month unlimited. But I’m not here to talk about premium hosting and I’m here to talk about the free hosting. 
Mostly I’m going to try and compare them both free hosting is a little bit if there’s hidden contracts and stuff that like got upgraded year to two dollars and he get tricked into it sometimes but a couple of sets don’t do that like x10 hosting com they’re completely free no hidden fees you get a cPanel 11 or accelerated account remember it’s one of the new cpanel live and whatnot with completely free of charge you can go with an ad free program that limits you a little bit and you can get a program with ads that hat gets a lot. 

Why we should go with paid hosting ?

Like if you want a more professional looking website you can’t want to go free if you want like something just to make money briefs or coasting yeah also reseller hosting that’s like 25 bucks a month if you want to pay for it well there’s a free reseller program that’s a link in the video description a link right here which it will probably be too big to fit but take a link and there’s this free reseller program that I’ve found it’s great you run the business basically you sell hosting but there’s a lot of ads on there but you can delete them by uploading your own theme. They let you have a free template you have to touch it all you can do is just give support to your user and whatnot when you go to file manager you can see all these PHP files you can go in and edit him and dreamweaver 8 and macromedia all those great additions and whatnot but the thing is you’ll lose some of your form data. 
All that crappy stuff that really doesn’t matter but you’re going to need it in time so leap in the video description over here I think over here free resellers hosting for all those nerds who want to get their web hosting business started and then it’s only 299 a year or a month to upgrade I mean that’s freaking cheap I mean there’s it’s kind of weird sometimes as you get a sub domain it’s your name at 0lx dotnet I mean that’s not annoying at all you can get free SEO top CCNA go buy a set it up and your Vista panel on the name servers that’s another thing with you with this free resellers hosting I your users get a Vista panel I hate the Vista panel if you nerds out there

What does Free Hosting Provides

It gives you no control over anything that’s what byte-bytes, hosts-hosts use and that’s their free resaurian so they missed a panel because they are a little bit cheap cheap but i think they created that thing see ya i’m just going to leave that alone i’m not going to mess with bites host but a thing that I’m doing for hosting is I don’t have enough money for resellers since I’m a kid a fourteen-year-old years old hello I don’t make 25 bucks a month I don’t have a paypal plus I have a credit card I’m looking to even get this iphone. I mean this is 30 bucks a month i mean if i cancel my plan i’m sure my parents would allow me to get everything but now so what I tried to do is I tried to use the free reseller hosting it eventually give money from being an athlete athlete with my friends here, I got my emails whatnot but with a friend selling friends hosting and selling customers that need free hosting by the way if you want some free at hosting go ahead and pad over x 10 hosting com i’ll give you a bunch of links in the video description on these free hosts that are legit they’re good they don’t like free live they don’t require ads with freewebs i’m annoyed that crap i hate freewebs. 

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You either get mad atop your page every about four columns we make there’s going to be this box ad was in your ad you’re going to be like can you leave me alone it’ll be like no no or not no no we’re not gonna leave you alone. You have that bad oh oh if you want your abs took enough oh that’s uh that’s two bucks a pop you don’t get a domain name, no is it dirty mouth all you do is just adds taking away a little bit of bandwidth upgrading passwords and if you make your own template with HTML that’s a whole different for it you gotta have a stupid bar at the bottom that says hosted by freewebs hello annoying freewebs we like our own free space where we can do whatever we want with it you don’t like stuff within our little pages annoying the crap out of us that’s just Oh stupid with a stupid lock it look in Iraq like three rubs is amazing i can do everything with it for nerds who run their own website and are trying to make their own business.
I don’t think Bree loves is a great thing, I mean it’s great for the movies so sneak the site see the set is a great free hosting they have no ads on their website you have full control of everything they made their own panel for you can upload files unlimited files but they’re under have to be under 5 megabytes no ABS all you can put your own ads on their make money through Adsense Google absence you can add a google search bar you flickr their partners with these image editing extremes whatnot with everything they got everything you can imagine your cPanel. 


I’ve got a google maps it’s just so amazing to see what see this I could do better than free what to do and free web has been on longer see the side hasn’t been out that long but yet these two come close free web dies since I think this is streaming through up dies because ad free unlimited bandwidth in file storage ads limited bandwidth limited file storage down the hill I’m not saying I’m not like free with webs com or three tour all know it’s fun you guys can go with it i’m not here to tell you to go to I’m saying advanced people that know a JavaScript PHP HTML should totally check out the free seat pan dulce by toes that extent hosting best ever frost host I think that’s how frost those something that I’m going to be making my own a website hosting 2 i’m gonna try and at least sell cpanel 11 i don’t like the vista panel because it just limits your users then it’s just so stupid because a lot of companies say oh here’s your free vista panel and when you upgrade for I don’t know when you get the highest glam possible you can get a free with it sure we don’t care because you know we make money so much money off this free hosting and it’s free because they put ads on it it’s just so weird.

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