Paresh Rawal admits he does a “Paap,” here’s everything you need to know

Paresh Rawal admits he does a “Paap,” here’s everything you need to know

Paresh Rawal: If you don’t check before sharing fake news, you help spread it (Photo Credit – Wikipedia)

Paresh Rawal admits to a “Paap” (sin) that Bollywood actor has committed, almost.

“One thing I want to say is that I’ve made a Paap (sin) on social media. But sometimes mistakes do happen. If you don’t check before sharing fake news, you’ll help spread it. I’ve done that sin. I’d also ask you not to post negative tweets.” , said Rawal.

“If you have a complaint against me, you can do DM, instead of publishing it publicly. This support is very powerful, powerful and essential today, we should use it very well,” Paresh Rawal suggested.

The host actor Shri opened in an interview with IANS, who also talked about the tendency for social media to draw conclusions without understanding the problem. At last year’s Covid-19 Pandemic Outbreak the Prime Minister set an example of the reaction seen among many when he asked citizens to clap their hands and clap.

“Some people were having fun wondering if playing the plates or clapping their hands would scare away the coronavirus. They didn’t understand that this was done in recognition of the work done by our health care workers, cleaning staff and our police forces. I’m not saying that on behalf of anyone’s parties, but it doesn’t look good to turn into a joke. That needs to be understood. They are working hard to make sure everyone is safe in your home, ”said actor-politician and former MP Lok Sabha.

“I’ve seen so many deaths among friends and in my family, even young people dying. I know life is short but I didn’t know it was so short. So I think tomorrow is nothing to leave, do it today. The other thing is compassion. It was a painful way to get our workers out of this city. We are Indians. If we release mercy, what is left for us? “adds.

In front of the work, Paresh Rawal returns in the upcoming comedy “Hungama 2” Priyadarshan. He seems excited to mention the film.

“I’m excited because Hungama 2 will come from Hungama 2 first, and I’m working with Priyan ji after a lot of age. The story, the characters, the background, the actors – everything is different. But one thing is common to have a clean family entertainer like Hungama and to be a very racial Comedy that people will enjoy. ”

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“Hungama 2” is released digitally. Would he miss the big screen?

“Actually, the big screen movie arrives on TV in a few weeks and on the same day the pirated version also arrives on mobile. Yes, there is a hobby of the big screen, but this time you have to explore and embrace the reality based. “No one wants a producer for his film. It’s better to be sure than to put the film in uncertainty,” the actor replied.

Rawal is known for his comic time. Performances in comic roles have always stood out, inspired by others. What is the trick?

“The only thing – that you have to do justice to the character. Don’t think you’re doing a serious or tragic comic or role, never think like that. You’ll deviate the moment you start thinking about it. Just hold on to your character. Be it comedic or serious, in that scene content and interviews and your director will decide that, you won’t have to decide that. You just have to fulfill the character’s request, ”he replied.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Parity Rawal’s son Adity has also acted. What suggestions did he make to Adity?

“I think it’s going well. He is honest, well-behaved, honest and hardworking. I don’t have to teach all that. I just say ‘dil laga ke kaam Karo (put your heart into what you do)’, and just as your father comes home after the day’s work, you do that too. Don’t mess with anyone, don’t get into the discussion. You just have to focus on your work. On this subject, I consider Danny Denzongpa to be my ideal, ”Rawal concluded with a smile.

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