Parth Samathaan to participate in Bigg Boss 15?  The actor finally responds

Parth Samathaan to participate in Bigg Boss 15? The actor finally responds

Parth Samthaan

Actor Parth Samthaan is one of the most popular faces on TV and has huge fans. He is very active on social media and continues to share the latest updates about him with fans. Parth, who is currently in the US, recently directed a live session on Instagram. During the session, they answered questions from the fans. Parth has also responded that he will be a member of the movie “Bigg Boss 15” and has opened the fourth season of the popular TV series “Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan”.

Earlier in the session, Parth Samthaan informed his fans that he is currently abroad. He has taken a break from work and is spending quality time with himself. He is paying close attention to his fitness and is careful with what he eats and drinks. He said he will be able to return to India later this month.

Message to Erica Fernandes and Kasauti Zindagii Kay 2 fans

Several asked the actor about his latest show Kasauti Zindagii Kay 2 and his partner Erica Fernandes. AnuPre (Anurag and Prerna) thanked the fans for all the love and support and wished the actress Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3. for her show. In the show, Erica Shaheer will be seen sharing screen space with Sheikh.

Parth’s new project

Parth shared the good news with his fans, revealing that he will soon be seen in another web series. It’s a very big project. The shooting was supposed to start in April, but due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, it was canceled. He added that when everything becomes normal he will start shooting again.

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Will Parth Samthaan star in Bigg Boss 15?

A few days ago, reports said that Parth Samthaan could be part of the “Bigg Boss 15” reality show. Denying the rumors, the actor said he will not be part of the Bigg Boss group. He is currently abroad however, so he is not part of the show at the moment.

The actor has thrown beans on the film ‘Kai Yeh Yaariyan 4’

Parth Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan began playing the character Manik Malhotra in the film. The audience liked his performance and so fans often ask him questions about the next season of the show. Niti Taylor also played an important role alongside Parth in the film Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. They both like the couple and the Chemistry fans. The show featured a university story of friendship, friendship and Manik-Nandini. The actor said he will definitely make Season 4, but he doesn’t know when it will come. Parth has asked fans to ask these questions to the channel, managers and creative directors, as only they can answer them correctly.


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