Pinindarin, the owner of Mahindra, demonstrates a radical concept with a single front seat

Italian Coach-Builder Pininfarina is known for its exclusive vehicle designs. The Mahindra-owned company has designed many beautiful cars for brands like Ferrari, Peugeot, Alfa Romeo and so on. The Italian company has now revealed its latest creation theorem.

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The theorem is an electrically designed concept that looks like a non-typical car. With the electric powertrain it can be considered as a Sober version of Batmobile. It is interesting that the electric concepts achieve a single-seat design and a shooting brake style.

According to the Italian company owned by Mahindra, the theorem was designed using virtual reality and augmented reality. This futuristic electric vehicle is 5,400 mm long. This means that the EV is as long as the new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class sedan. It also has a height of 1,400 mm. To make the concept aerodynamically efficient, Pininfarina has used its own wind tunnel.

It achieves large air ducts in the front by adding unusual aggression to the concept. Air ducts are designed on a continent to direct the flow of air from the front to the back. This design method is claimed to improve airflow and improve EV autonomy. The dark shaded cockpit area gets a single seat in the middle of the EV. Passenger seats are in 2 + 2 design.

The cockpit has no steering wheel, which leads us to think that EV has been conceptualized as a fully autonomous vehicle. Pininfarin says the EV concept comes in two ways: Drive and Rest.

The company has not yet disclosed the technical details of this electrical concept. It is based on a Rolling chassis developed by Benteler. The seats have been developed by Poltrona Frau. Giant Continental German automotive technology and components were also involved in the R&D process.


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