Pooja Bedik left the movies because of her ex-husband’s conservative family: I became the best wife

Pooja Bedik left the movies because of her ex-husband’s conservative family: I became the best wife

Actor Pooja Bedi, who premiered the popular Sikandar film Jo Jeeta Wohi, recently opened about leaving Bollywood with actor Samir Soni in an IGTV chat.

Bedik shared that she had left Films because her ex-husband Farhan Furniturewala was a conservative family. Bedik stated that he “had a great time” working in Bollywood but “then I got married.”

“My ex-husband told me that if I got married, I couldn’t continue in the movies because his family is very conservative. My mother always taught me, ‘Whatever you do, you give it 100 percent or you don’t do it’. So I was like, ‘Okay, if I’m going to be a housewife and a wife, let me be the best I can be’. So for me it was, ‘Okay, I’m going to give up this journey of my life and start a new one,’ ”Bedik shared.

Pooja talked about making these choices at a young age and stated that she could choose in a different way today, but she is happy nonetheless. “Now that you’re younger, you think differently, don’t you? Today I may make different choices. But the truth is, they were the right choices at the time and I’m glad I made those choices. Then I left everything for the holy wedding and became the best wife, ”she added.

Pooja and Farhan divorced in 2003. They both share two children: Omar and Alaya. Alaya made her debut in Bollywood in 2020 with Saif Ali Khan at Jawaani Jaaneman. Although Pooja shared their separation, they have a strong bond today. “I am a great friend of my ex-husband, they married a childhood friend. They have a child together. I went to marry the kids. We are great friends. Goa comes, we go to each other’s houses, we stay. It’s very pretty, ”he said.

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“You can end something well, with love and respect. Finishing something doesn’t make you a bad person. Thank you for the good moments. Thank you for the two beautiful children. It’s not because I have to endure a bad 50 years because of the good 12 years. Thank you for the good 12 years and for someone else to come and make the next 50 years truly beautiful, and yours too, because happiness is also right. Everyone has the right to happiness, ”he added.

Pooja is now in charge of the Maneck Contractor.


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