PUBG Mobile or Battlegrounds Mobile India: Krafton may have left a big mark

PUBG Mobile or Battlegrounds Mobile India: Krafton may have left a big mark

Last year, many Indian players were worried when PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG Mobile) Royale’s famous shooter was banned in September by the Central Government due to security concerns. However, even though Krafton is ready to launch its replacement game called Battlegrounds Mobile India, a new report suggests that an executive has revealed that it could be the same game as PUBG Mobile.

An IGN report suggests that statements made to the media by South Korean Publisher CH Kim CHrafton may indicate that Battlegrounds Mobile India is actually PUBG Mobile. After the company opened pre-registration for the game last month, the game recently surpassed 20 million registrations, which is a large number considering that the iOS version is yet to be announced.

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“We would like to express our sincere thanks to our Indian fans for their tremendous response to the Battlegrounds IP that we and my team first developed in 2017,” Kim said in a statement on the game’s website on June 3rd. love and fame at the hands of players around the world, and Krafton will continue to focus on IP. This effort involves bringing amazing content to Battlegrounds Mobile India and providing our players with a unique Battle Royale experience. ”

While it was called Krafton Bluehole in 2017, the Battlegrounds IP mentioned by Kim could only mention the popular PUBG Battle Royale game, the report says it was the only game title launched by the company that year. According to Kim’s statement that the company was going to build on the same IP, it seems that Battlegrounds Mobile India games could be a copy of the original PUBG mobile game, according to the report.

Readers may remember our recent report on the Arunachal MLA Ninong Ering, who wrote it letter He addressed the Prime Minister’s office as a major threat to the “security of India and the privacy of our citizens” to restart the game and urged the Prime Minister not to “accept China’s deception”. The company has also teased two maps, Sanho and Erangel, which bear a strong resemblance to PUBG Mobile counterparts.

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While Ering received a lot of reactions from local players waiting to try out the new version of the game, they stated that they have rehired former Tencent employees in the country as Krafton employees and are the largest shareholder in the South Korean company. It’s Tencent, which is Chinese. He also claimed that there was also the term mobile PUBG in the game’s Google Play Store URL. It should be noted that there is no Tencent or PUBG Mobile reference for the Indian version of the game on the company’s website.

Although Krafton has yet to make a statement on the final issue, we will update that when we update. Earlier, the company posted an update on its Battlegrounds Mobile India website stating: “With privacy and data security a top priority, KRAFTON will work with partners at every stage to ensure data protection and security. all laws and regulations applicable to Indian and local players must be complied with, ”the company stated.


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