Puneet Kaur YouTuber says Raj Kundra tried to contact him for the Hotshots app

Puneet Kaur, Raj Kundra

Puneet Kaur has opened a YouTuber against the arrested businessman Raj Kundra, claiming that he approached her via social media messages for his mobile app, claiming that the pornographic content he had created had been published. The YouTuber said that after receiving Kundra’s DM or direct message, he initially couldn’t believe that he was actually the one who sent him that message and thought it might be a spam message.

“Brooooo you OGS do you remember our DM verified video, where did he go to Hotshots? I’m dead,” Puneet Kaur wrote in his Instagram story in response to a news story that Raj Kundra played a key role in making the Hotshots app.

Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra has been placed in police custody until July 23.

Upon learning that Kundra had been sent to police custody for three days, Puneet wrote in another story: “I can’t even WT * this man was attracting people. We literally thought it was spam when he sent me that DM? Is the man Jesus Christ rot in prison.”

Kundra was arrested Monday night on charges of creating pornographic content and publishing it via mobile apps.

With that, the number of arrests in the case has risen to about 12, to date and several other suspects are still on police radar.

Since February, the Kundra – a British-Indian businessman – has been under the control of Crime Branch-CID before a dramatic police move last night.

The sudden arrest has shocked Bollywood, which has been under the scrutiny of various narcotics agencies for the past year, further tarnishing the image of the industry.

–IANS with entries

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