PV Sindhu Working to Acquire New Technique, Prior to Local Olympics Skills  Badminton news

PV Sindhu Working to Acquire New Technique, Prior to Local Olympics Skills Badminton news

India’s main badminton star PV Sindhu has said he is working to acquire new skills and techniques at the Tokyo Olympics to surprise his rivals, who are on the same level with different styles at the same level. The silver medalist and world champion at the Rio Olympics believes the pandemic-induced coronavirus has given him the necessary time to correct mistakes in his game and add something new to his repertoire.

Carolina Marin, her nemesis and current champion, will not be there because of a knee injury, but Sindhu knows the pitch remains tough.
“The top 10 players on the women’s circuit are on the same level. You can’t rest assured if a player isn’t there,” said Sindhu, the world number seven in virtual interaction, organized by Sports. Indian Authority (SAI).

“There are Tai Tzu Ying, Ratchanok Intanon, (Nozomi) Okuhara and (Akane) Yamaguchi. They are all good players. You can’t say it’s going to be easy if a player is missing. I can’t relax and I need to focus and give my best,” he said. 25 year olds.

Sindhu lost the 2016 Olympics final and the 2017 World Championship Clash Marin.

“There are difficult players like Ratchano, he is very skilled. We have to take care of them.

“For me, it’s a very good time to improve my technique and skill. I’ve improved. It’s good to have so much time. We don’t usually have time to correct mistakes or learn new skills.

“It takes time. Then this was it and I’m using it. I hope, at the Olympics, there will be new techniques and skills.”

Sindhu said he and others need to be careful that Chinese players have also been missing from the circuit for a long time.

“They haven’t played in a long time. We haven’t seen them. Chen Yu (Fei) and He Bing Jiao, a left-hander, have good skills. At the Olympics, it’s completely different, the game, the pressure. You can’t expect easy (rivals).”

Asked about his strong points that could give him an advantage over others, Sindhu said his game is constantly about attacks.

“The attack is my strong point. The opponents know my game, so I’m also working on my defense. I’m tall, so my attack is good. I have to be ready for every blow, for everything,” he said.

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Training in Hyderabadi is the perfect training ground at the Gachibowli Stadium for the Games, as the facilities are huge and give the feeling of stadiums hosting high-entry events like the Olympics.

“Maybe we won’t get to know each other because we haven’t played in the last two months. I’ve been playing Gachbowlin since the Thai Open and it’s been very helpful because he’s an international standard.

“When you play in a big stadium, you have to make sure that you control the ferry and the drift that is very important. When you go abroad, when the shuttles drift, the AC and the ferry can be fast (traveling).

So when you have the facility, why not use it, ”he said.

Saina Nehwal and Kidambi Srikanth for talking about losing the Olympics because they canceled the qualifying events, Sindhu joined his countrymen.

“It would be nice if they were there. No one knew there would be a situation like this. They all tried but the tournaments were canceled for the safety of the athletes. Life is the first thing.

“We will also test it every day at the Olympics.”

Sindhu said she does not feel any pressure as a result of being the Lone female shuttle in the country, but she does know the expectations.

He also said that he has a lot more experience and that he is getting better and better from the Rio Olympics on the big stage.

“Last time I didn’t know what the Olympic town would be like, but now I know how it is.”


Sindhu said that while she has empathy for Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka, after receiving a fine for a mandatory press conference at the French Open, she also spoke about the pressure communications caused by the pressure. However, he does not feel the same way.

Sindhu also praised his Korean Tae Sang Park coach for understanding what is going on in his head and for his consistent support.

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