Rafael Nadal’s “Married” Facebook Updates Fans Send Tennis News to Frenzy

Rafael Nadal’s “Married” Facebook Updates Fans Send Tennis News to Frenzy

Rafael Nadal updated “Married” on Facebook on Monday, which left fans happy and confused. While some ‘Rafa’ were happy to tie the knot, others commented on whether they were married in 2019. In fact, Nadal married his longtime partner Xisca Perello in October 2019. A late update on Facebook made fans think they were flooding Nadal with a post with comments and jokes. “Congratulations !!! Rafa and his wife !!! I thought they were already married! Guess no ……. happy for you from Mount Shasta California !!” commented a fan.

“How many hearts were broken with this bomb. That happened in 2019 right?” another commented.

Many others were confused about this update.

“Congratulations but confused. On his wiki page he says he got married in October 2019,” one wrote.

“Congratulations but you can’t imagine getting married in the middle of the French Open,” wrote another.

Nadal has gone to the fourth round of Roland Garros in 2021, breaking the 21st Grand Slam record.

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Spaniard Roger Federer is tied with Swiss star in 20 Grand Slam titles, 13 of which are victories in the French Open.

A fan saw Federer as an opportunity to cheer on his favorite.

“Congratulations Rafa. Remove Roland Garros and let Roger win,” they wrote.

Unfortunately for them, Federer left the tournament on Sunday.

Others were still in denial, insisting that Nadal had been married since 2019.

“Well, he didn’t. It was several years ago,” one commented.

Another said, “This can’t be right, because I remember seeing photos from my 2019 wedding!”


“Congratulations to all of you who know a special thing: Rafael Nadal has been married to Xisca Perello since October 2019 …”, said the fan, who was open to the truth.

An update to Nadal’s “About” section of Nadal’s Facebook page says “married since October 2019”.

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